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ashley’s dream report: sick day
February 27th, 2010     |    Life

Hi everyone, it’s me (Jess) here to say that Ashley isn’t feeling well and needed to take a sick day from the Dream Reporting series. She’ll be back next week with her updates and newest revelations on her journey.

In case you’ve missed her previous posts, catch up in the Dream Report Archive.

Feel better soon, Ashley!

end of the week exfoliation
February 26th, 2010     |    Exfoliating

The weekend! I can almost taste it. Though this week certainly had it’s lulls for me, I made some pretty big headway on creating the (personal) life that I want. I’m learning to own my truth and follow my gut without fear of non-support. It’s both liberating and emotionally draining. I’m hoping a weekend of rest and reflection will help me pick up the pace next week. After all, I have a spring Jess LC photo shoot to prepare for next Friday!

End of the Week Exfoliation

“I started collecting mason jars before our wedding, and we hardly used any.  They’ve been collecting dust in a closet, which was driving my husband nuts.  So, I offered to drop them off to a blogger in UT this weekend.”


“These exfoliations were a two-step process. After years of just buying a few clothing pieces at a time, I gifted myself a little tax-refund-inspired shopping spree this weekend. So, that meant I had to make room in my closet for everything. I made three piles: “maybes,” throw away, and donate. I let them sit for three days and reviewed the “maybe” pile. I was able to give up all but one thing in the “maybe” pile after realizing I had so many better-fitting, more flattering pieces that are well-suited to my needs now. I can’t say I miss anything I decided to toss! Next step: Shoes!”


“In addition to a few tired tops and accessories, I had put aside a couple of bottles of perfume and scented lotions, as well as a leather wallet, to donate. At the last minute I almost kept them because they they were all gifts and I felt bad giving them away. Truth is, they don’t really reflect my taste and a couple of the scents actually give me a headache – yet, I kept them for a couple of years, barely used. Finally, thanks to your Makeunder principle, I realized someone else would be better off with them, and now I have more space in my vanity for the scents I really love.”


Full disclosure: I’m great at exfoliating regularly, but I’m not quite as good about donating regularly. This is Erwin and my (grammar?) “to be donated” basket full of clothing to be dropped at the White Elephant. The basket itself is this week’s exfoliation. Once the snow melts, these things will be out of our lives.

This week’s DYL features Brigitte of the blog, Covet Chicago. I first met Brigitte via comments and email, and later in person when she stopped by Macy’s during one of my trunk shows. We hit it off right away and I am incredibly grateful for the insights Brigitte had for MML. Before speaking with her, it never occurred to me that I might need to do a quick recap on how I found my purpose. And thanks to her suggestion, many people feel like they understand my story much better now.

I also had a feeling that Brigitte’s own personal intentions would be helpful for MML. And this single line from her intention to “know when to draw the line” is going to stick with me for quite a while, “my actions matter more than my intentions.” What a true statement. No matter what we vision boards we make, mantras we repeat, or businesses we dream about, until we put one foot in front of the other to make those goals become reality, we are going to sit as Henry David Thoreau said, in quiet desperation. Thank you for this awesome insight, Brigitte.


DESIGN YOUR LIFE: Brigitte of Covet Chicago

Live Your Values Daily

I admit…this first one sounds pretty vague. But it’s the most powerful of my intentions, because by forcing myself to sit down and define my values and map my life goals according to them, I have a roadmap for life. I read the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People at a time that I was on the path to conventional success (good job, rapid promotions, increasing salary and responsibility) but utterly unhappy. As I read, I really worked the book, dedicating my precious free time to the exercises. One that was particularly powerful for me came early. I had to envision my funeral and write my own eulogy. In imaging what I’d like my family, friends and colleagues to say about me after I lived my (hopefully long) life, I was able to clearly define my values. And I knew that if I wanted other people to describe my life according to my values, I’d have to live them every day. So my first and more important intention is to revisit my values every year and hold myself accountable to them.

Act Like Nobody’s Watching

I am the classic perfectionist, complete with the intense fear of failure that often accompanies this lovely trait. I cannot count the times I have passed up opportunities, because I was afraid to make mistakes, be the worst in class or simply to avoid scrutiny. On top of this, I was bullied as a child. I think that all adults who were once bullied hold onto a feeling that others are constantly watching them…waiting for them to slip up so they can exploit your failure for a laugh. About five years ago, I had a supervisor bluntly tell me, “It’s not all about you. No one cares one way or another.” I was liberated! No one cared if I succeeded or failed. My family would love me regardless, and other people…simply wouldn’t notice. So many of my current passions and hobbies were made possible by that simple, incredible statement.

Be Brazen…

I’m not quite committed to radical honesty, but I come pretty close. If I don’t like something you say or do, I won’t smack you in the face with it, but I won’t lie and say, “Ooh, I love that” or “I agree” when I don’t. Generally, I just keep my mouth shut. This makes me the worst person to fish for compliments with…because I’ll only take the bait if I actually believe in the compliment I’m giving. On the other hand, my friends know that they can come to me for the truth…and I’ve been told it makes my compliments that much sweeter.

But despite this habit in my daily life, I’m much more reserved when it comes to my writing and even how I define myself. Right now, I’m testing my personal limits, and I’ve let loose a few posts that feel like I’m crossing some sort of line on the public/private divide. But I’m finding that the posts that make me feel twitchy are the ones that I’m also most proud of. So…I’m daring myself to be as brazen in my writing as I am in person.

…But Know When to Draw the Line

This is where I admit that I’ve suffered from low emotional intelligence. I went all the way through college not understanding why some of my friends were “so sensitive.” One friend, in particular, would try to explain to me why my words were hurtful, and I simply didn’t get it. Of course I was kidding when I said xx (I really was). And, no, I guess I wouldn’t like her to point out yy fault of mine (but I only did it for the good of our friendship). I honestly couldn’t understand where she was coming from.

It took me 28 loooong years to figure it out. Some things just don’t need to be said. And whether or not I understand why something is hurtful (because it wouldn’t upset me) simply doesn’t matter in the end. My actions matter more than my intentions.

Always Offer a Helping Hand

When I was starting my career in PR (since abandoned!), I was helped by total and complete strangers. People I’d never met before went out of their way to meet with me, give me advice and introduce me to yet more strangers. I will never forget their generosity. That’s why, if someone asks me for my help, and I truly believe I can be of service, I don’t hesitate. I’ll review resumes, run through my rolodex or simply share some of the tricks that have worked for me. I’ve also worked an annual giving allowance into my budget, which is my way of saying thank you to the universe. And I’m ALWAYS willing to help a friend move or paint if there’s a slice of pizza and bottle of beer on the table.

Choose Joy for Yourself and Share it with Others

Would you believe me if I told you that I used to be a total drama queen? And a pessimist? I’m proof that you can change your outlook on life, simply by choosing to live the life that makes YOU happy. Not the life that others prescribe for you. I’m still a snarky girl (and I wouldn’t give it up even if I could), but I’m also a profoundly grateful and happy girl. I know that I can choose to seek out activities and books and even blogs that make me smile…or ones that trigger my heightened sense of outrage. Jess’s purpose in life is the makeunder philosophy. Mine is helping others realize that there are no safe choices…only ones that resonate deep within you and those that don’t. Always choose joy.

designer file on the pink orange
February 25th, 2010     |    Life

Good morning! As I format this week’s DYL for later today, I want to share a link to my Designer File feature I did today for Rebecca’s The Pink Orange blog, check it out!

First, I’d like to give a huge hug to all of you who responded so positively to the re-posts yesterday! I was shocked at the response. Sometimes when talking to people about MML, they ask about something I’ve written about in the past. And for some reason it never clicked, just because I’ve written about something doesn’t mean that newer readers have read it. Duh. I get it now. My apologies. I’m also planning on doing an “about me” renovation in the near future to help point out those foundational posts so it’s easier to find in the future. Thank you for helping me improve MML!

THINK ABOUT IT: Pick Up the Phone

Today’s THINK ABOUT IT topic actually came from a lesson I shared on Spring not too long ago. You can see my video explanation here. And you can also watch/read about Michelle’s revelation about the challenge here.

When I was in college, I had a mentor who did (literally) everything in her power to help me publish my (not-yet-existent) book, Makeunder Your Life. Among her efforts included picking up the phone and calling anyone who might be helpful. Including the CFO of Coach when I mentioned I might want to design handbag catalogs instead. This woman had no hesitation to call anyone she could find who might have the influence to make my dreams come true! And what was even more astounding was that she never premeditated her call, she didn’t write out a summary of points, rationalize why she needed to make the call. She just picked up the phone and started punching in the digits. All the while I sat there with my mouth slightly open in awe. Sometimes she reached the person directly, sometimes she reached a receptionist, sometimes she reached a machine. Though she certainly didn’t have a 100% success rate, we definitely got more than a few connections.

Over the years, her moxy rubbed off on me. As I started Jess LC full-time, I picked up the phone or knocked on the doors of the gatekeepers who could help my vision become reality. And like my mentor, I didn’t have a 100% success rate. But I was leaps and bounds further along than I would have been otherwise. To this day, I rely upon these long shots to help me gain traction and make connections for the re-launch of Jess LC in April. I can count eight people who are active in helping me make the new changes, which met me through an out-of-the-blue phone call or email. Using this technique, I have acquired a dream team of people making my dream come true.

Clearly, knowing how helpful this lesson has been for me in my life, I wish the same for you! And if you don’t have a mentor to observe calling everyone short of the President of the United States, please use my story as inspiration. You have nothing to lose. If the person you reach out to does not answer or worse yet, declines your request, you are no worse off than before you picked up the phone. And if they do decide to help you out, how much more you have to gain!

PS– If you want to feel a bit more confident about the call, try to find a way that you can help that person in their life or career. Offering a service or favor is a great way to turn a cold call into a warm one.

the biggest leaps when going full-time
February 23rd, 2010     |    Business AdviceLife

[originally posted April, 7th 2009]


Since I got such great responses from the business pieces I have posted, I will continue with this question from last week.

What are the biggest leaps you have taken in starting your own business?

This is a great question and the answer varies for each business owner. When I speak with someone who is thinking about starting a small business, 50% of the time I am a huge cheerleader. If she says “it’s too hard to start a business” I respond with, “It’s not any more difficult than a lemonade stand.” Then, once she is excited to start, I find myself bring up all the difficult aspects of small business.

I might be bi-polar when it comes to entrepreneurship, but I think from the dozens of small-business owners that I know, this is a reality. On the one hand it is exhilarating and rewarding to create something tangible from a vision. One the other hand, it requires a tremendous amount of faith in oneself and _______ (insert spiritual provider here: God, The One, Great Spirit, or Consumer Confidence). Below were the puddles that I found the most challenging to leap when I launched Jess LC full-time.

Unknown Income


Business plan or not, there was no real way to know what my income would be. I calculated what my weekly revenue needed to be to cover my monthly expenses like rent, health care, and food after paying for supplies. It was a simple technique which kept me motivated and out of debt. Some weeks I reached the goal easily, others took a bit longer. And a few weeks I even experienced anxiety and chest pains from the agony of not knowing whether I would be able to pay my credit card in full. Budgeting was an interesting idea, but not quite feasible considering cash flow varied from week to week so drastically.

The silver lining within the worry and stress was the realization that I had not considered applying for another job because Jess LC was my job, this was what I was meant to do. This revelation then gave me confidence to get through hard times, knowing that I would succeed. There was no other option.

“So What Do You Do?”


The second murky puddle after graduation was creating a new identity. If someone asked if I had a job, it would have been easy to say “I am a financial analyst for JP Morgan” like the other 345 business students in my graduating class (okay not all 345 students…). But when I responded, “I have a jewelry business” most of the time I just got funny looks. “What kind of jewelry?”  “Who do you sell to?” “Do you have a store?” Owning my own company required a conversation where people tried to estimate how “big” I was. Over the years this has gotten easier to handle, but I will never forget the day a store buyer, while placing a jewelry order (aka: the way I make a living), looked up and asked me, “So what do you do?”

At that point I questioned whether starting a company at 22 years-old was feasible. If customers don’t believe it, who will? Fortunately, this phase wore off, and almost two years later, not being self-employed is unimaginable.

Work Schedule


Being my own boss requires me to create tasks to guide my day and grow the business. Friends would claim they could not handle self-employment because the lure of 24 hours of TV in their pajamas would be too tempting. I always found the opposite was true. Bills come in four week intervals, and if I did not have the money to pay them, there was a big problem. I suppose after bills have been paid, motivation could fizzle, but growing the business beyond utility and rent checks is the exciting (and less stressful) part.

During my first six months, I questioned what my actions should be each day. What should I work on first? When should I stop working? Over time these answers became instinctual, and now I revel in the flexibility the business allows me. Yesterday for example, I took a few hours off in the afternoon to get fitted for new running shoes, and later worked on the couch watching the NCAA championship.

In summary…

As I read this post aloud, I notice even amidst the most difficult parts of the business, I found the up side to each obstacle. This wasn’t my intention when writing the piece, but it does prove my split view of entrepreneurship continues. The positive and negative aspects of entrepreneurship are so inter-woven it is impossible to give a honest, complete account any other way.

why i’m here on earth
February 23rd, 2010     |    ExfoliatingLife

[originally posted on November, 3rd 2009]



Have you ever noticed that a title of a certain book reappears throughout your life in things you read and hear? This has happened to me with two books, The Alchemist (a great book) and A Return to Love. Right now I am deep within Marianne Williamson’s A Return to Love. There are many things I’d like to share, and today I’m going to start with a quote that ironically, I’ve had on my inspiration board for many years before reading (or knowing about) A Return to Love.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light , not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?

Actually, who are you not to be?

You are a child of god. Your playing small doesn’t serve the world. There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.

We were born to make and manifest the glory of god that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own  light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

-Marianne Williamson

As I have spent more time devoted to MakeunderMyLife, I have found that my light is best shared through inspiring people in two ways. Some find inspiration and encouragement in my jewelry business and self-employment. To many, my story about starting the jewelry business at 15 and going full-time after college graduation makes the self-employed road seem safer and more traveled. Though unexpected, I think this is a great way to be of service.

But at an even deeper level, I personally feel, deep down in my gut, that I am meant to help the millions of women who live just like me. The women who live in well-developed countries with education, purpose, and the desire to live a meaningful life. I believe I am here to help those women, with boundless potential for good, uncover their vision and vocation which may be laying dormant beneath a mountains of mental and physical clutter.

If I can help those women become who they are meant to be, they will deliver their own individual contributions. And those unique missions will help in millions of people all over the world in millions of different ways.

In summary, I’m not personally here to find renewable energy sources, save endangered animals, or build houses in third-world countries. I’m here to help those who are meant to do those things, find and follow their vocation.

why i started this blog
February 23rd, 2010     |    Business AdviceExfoliatingLife

[originally posted October, 14th 2009]


A few weeks ago I realized that I haven’t ever clearly explained why I started MakeunderMyLife. People have asked me about it in person, but I’ve never taken the time to share the background here. Which is a pretty sad reality, considering that you might be interested to know.

Planting the Seed

In college, I had a huge realization that my best self was laying dormant beneath a pile of “stuff” (read: clothes, junk, head junk, candy bars, fat from said candy bars, and illusions of perfection). At that moment, I realized that my purpose, my vocation, is to share and inspire others to makeunder their lives.

Charting a Path


At the same time as this epiphany, I had an extraordinary mentor named Mary who completely believed that I could become and do anything that I wanted. So I started to research how other women have shared their personal visions (namely, Martha Stewart and Oprah Winfrey). In Martha’s case, the path to her success was clear. After starting a successful catering business, she wrote a book called Entertaining. This book became extremely popular. In many ways it launched her media empire.

After reading about her success, I decided to do the same. I wrote attempted to write a proposal for a book called Makeunder Your Life. But the process was overwhelming and I was concerned about content and authority. Who was I, as a junior in college, to tell people of all ages what they should do with their stuff? Taking a step back, I realized I was a green banana, unripe without any post-grad experience to share. So I let the project marinate in my head.

1.5 Years Post-Grad Later


As you may know, I moved to Chicago after college and started Jess LC full-time. I envisioned a point in my life where I could juggle the jewelry and writing the book. But starting the business took all my attention the first year and a half. I barely had a moment to consider Makeunder Your Life and put it in the back of my mind.

January 1, 2009

In my new year’s intentions, I decided to revisit the book concept. I had been reading blogs for a month by that point, so the natural step was to start a blog to collect personal content for Makeunder Your Life. This way I could improve my writing, gather new ideas for the book, and start my vocation a bit early.

I never imagined anyone would read it.

But lo and behold, it did find an audience (Jess LC customers clicked the link to the blog and started reading) and here I write today. I have realized that since Martha’s Entertaining was published, things have changed quite a bit. I don’t need to have a book to start helping people all over the world. I just need a small corner of the internet to publish my thoughts and learn from readers as I go along.

Who knows where this blog will take me or Makeunder Your Life. But one thing is for sure: ever since I’ve discovered and pursued my purpose, some amazing opportunities have come my way. And if you are fortunate enough to know your own vocation, I urge you to follow it and see where it leads.

For those who are still finding your calling, it never hurts to makeunder and see what’s beneath your “stuff.” You might even find your life’s work.

And hey, it doesn’t hurt to blog along the way.

madeunder: how and why
February 23rd, 2010     |    ExfoliatingLife

[originally posted May, 26th 2009]


Welcome back! I’ve taken a few much needed days to rest and recuperate. I hope you had a great few days of relaxation and are now ready to get back in the swing of things as well. This week I am detailing how to create your very own makeunder, step by step. The process is free, and can be applied to almost every area of our lives, but I specialize in space and stuff – because it is the quickest place to make an impact and because I love design.

Before I get into the nitty gritty steps and examples, let me first frame how this whole idea came about. The idea was hatched in a 12′x12′ dorm room in January of 2006. At that point in my life I was incredibly unsure of my future career and identity and I desperately wanted to be perfect and happy- in that order. So how does one become perfect? At the time, “new luxury” marketing and an infamous hit tv show, Extreme Makeover, made me believe that if I added a bunch of awesome clothes, bags, makeup, and semi-invasive surgical procedures to my life, I might just be closer to my personal nirvana.

Needless to say, this paradigm left me a disgruntled co-ed, considering I had no means to obtain any of those illusive products or procedures.

That is until I heard a quote from Michelangelo regarding the statue of David. When asked how he created such a beautiful figure from a massive stone he responded that he could see the statue beneath the layers of rock and he simply needed to remove the excess stone.

And then it clicked.

Like David, my best self, the one that I was searching so desperately for in the bottom of a shopping bag or a Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough carton, was underneath that “stuff.” The person I wanted to be was ever-present, but hidden behind a cloud of physical and emotional crap. At that moment I realized the path to contentment and my best self was found by removing the unnecessary stuff in my life. By making under.

First I headed straight to my closet and practiced the makeunder steps I will elaborate more on the rest of the week. I tackled the closet right away because there was a whole wardrobe of expectation and disappointment which could be changed in just a few hours. The more psychological shifts that needed to happen took a bit longer to develop.

I also feel that our space and well-being are tied to one another. If our space is peaceful and clean we in turn feel calm and focused. If our space is cluttered or ill-suited for our lifestyle, then a feeling of dissatisfaction buzzes in our ear like a hovering mosquito. Changing our environment to reflect our intentions provides a space for our best self to develop. And it doesn’t cost a dime.

Tonight’s homework:

Reflect on what kind of change is (or isn’t) needed in your own life. Generally speaking, the bigger the disconnect between our vision of our best selves and our reality relates to the amount of making under we need to do in our lives. What do you really, really want for yourself?

updates and a quick recap
February 23rd, 2010     |    Life

Explaining My Purpose

Good morning! After talking to blogger and MML reader, Brigitte, at Macy’s a few weeks ago, we realized that many newer MML readers might not know the full background behind why I blog and how I got to this point in my life. I think it might be apparent that I have a deep in my gut sense of purpose and passion behind my life, but how that happened might be a mystery for some people. So I’ve dug through the MML archives and sifted out some posts worth repeating from 2009 that help explain my journey. I’ll be re-posting the four best entries throughout the day.

Explaining My Purchase

You might be pretty familiar with my love obsession with chevron. Well, now I’m the proud owner of this new beach towel by Tracy Reese. And if you still aren’t convinced about my zeal for zig-zags, wait until the new Jess LC collection, Division, in April. That will do it.

Explaining Non-Supporters on Spring

Hop on over to Spring to check out Jessica of What I Wore on the topic of non-supporters. I think she has some great insights and I’m impressed with how she’s handled the issues she’s faced on her blog. Watch the video to see what I mean.

whatcha thinking about, answered
February 22nd, 2010     |    Business AdviceExfoliatingLife

Good morning! A few weeks ago I asked for any questions you might have and I thought I’d answer a few of them here on MML. Take a look.

How to build a home from scratch with intention

You’ve taken pictures of your apartment and chronicled your move from one home to another. I will be moving too in a few months, and I was wondering if you have any advice for the process and how to build a home from scratch (with an intention!), and with almost no budget. I just don’t know where/how to start!
– Dee

What an exciting time for you! When I was moving last August, I had a great realization about the move and what I actually needed to take with me. I suggest checking out this post about vision and environment and this (somewhat controversial) post about emotional clutter. Doing what I speak about in these posts has helped me avoid bringing unneeded stuff with me to my new home.

How to pursue a passion

I am thinking about how I have so much more to give this world, specifically in improving child health – I have passion, creativity, smarts, and drive. I just don’t know how to realize these qualities.

First, I’d like to commend you for having a desire and passion for helping improve child health care! That is such an admirable and valuable vocation. My suggestion is to research others who are doing something similar to what you’d like to do, or simply find people who are in the field of child health care. I’d reach out to the two or three people who embody most closely what you think you’d like to do. Calling or emailing those people asking for an informational interview is the easiest way to learn quickly what opportunities there might be and whether their expertise is helpful.

Then I’d consider volunteering or advocating on behalf of child health care in some capacity. Volunteering can be a great way to get a foot in the door. But above all, take consistent baby steps towards making that your reality. Best of luck!

Job vs. passion / Finding a great accountant

I’m currently in a situation where my current job may be non-existent in a month, and I’m wondering if it would be wise to just stay in the same field (which I’m only somewhat happy in) or try to pursue something that I really enjoy, yet have no real-world experience in (including the possibility of having to go to school). It’s good that I’m in a transition period, but not so good that I’m really not sure what to do about it. Oh, and I am the breadwinner right now, as my husband is currently starting his own business. Any advice?

Also, one from my hubby…being an owner of a small business yourself, how do you find a good accountant that knows the small business stuff, but also won’t make you poor with consulting fees and such?


Hi Nicole, it sounds like you are going through a very uncertain, but high personal growth time right now! In regards to staying in your field or branching out into a new industry, I don’t feel qualified to tell you which way to go. There are a million ways to proceed from this point forward, and everyone has a different path to blaze which works for them. But, I do believe that if you take time to think and listen to your heart, deep down, you will eventually find an answer. And also don’t be afraid to do something non-passion related if you steadily make efforts to grow into that true purpose at the same time. The key is to start hustling to make your life align with your vision as circumstances allow.

As for finding a great accountant for your husband, I would recommend asking a fellow self-employed person in your area for a referral. This way you can find out from a trusted source whether the accountant is inexpensive and worth their salt. I found my own accountant this way, and it has worked out very well.

end of the week exfoliation
February 21st, 2010     |    Exfoliating

I hope you are having a great weekend so far! To be honest, I am writing this post on Friday afternoon while listening to an old Counting Crows cd, wishing I was running outside in Michigan along my favorite routes in Rochester. But since travel is not in my near future, I’m guessing that as you read this I am actually having brunch with a dear friend. And later I will go grocery shopping at Aldi and Trader Joe’s with Erwin.

My hope is that I manage to get a bubble bath in tonight- candles and all. : )

End of the Week Exfoliation

“Reading your blog has really helped me clean.  Reading your entry about the three questions to ask yourself and if I haven’t worn them in the last 6 months (or for me… a couple years!) then I don’t need them.  I was holding onto old clothes that I had good memories wearing or I remember how much I purchased them for.  But they are hiding the clothes that I really want to wear!  I don’t need them in my closet to remember them.  Less really is more.  I’m glad I can give them to our local thrift store so someone else can enjoy them as much as I used to.”


“A shirt and skirt which are both too short. I don’t know why I’ve been holding on to them for so long.”


“This cute little alarm clock got me through college and now it’s stuck at 5:16…it’s still ticking…just not moving.  Time to go. I thought about keeping it bc it’s cute and little and because it’s been w/me for so long…BUT do I really need a clock that doesn’t work?  I think this is how hoarding begins!”


A custom lavender throw pillow. It has a beaded trim and sparkly mesh on the front. I like it, but it doesn’t match my decor. It’s about 23 inches wide and 9 inches tall. I’m going to ask for $10 for shipping via Paypal if anyone wants to comment and claim.”


“I have a jewelry box, container thingy that has a velvety bottom(comes out), a foam pad and snaps shut.  It is good for display a couple necklaces and they won’t shift during transport because of the foam pad.”


As you can see, my exfoliated shirt quickly found a new owner 40 seconds after I decided to pass it on. I’ve had that navy shirt for a year or so and only worn it a few times. The sleeves felt a little tight around my elbows (not a comfortable feeling) and it turns out, that is because it is meant to be Susie’s shirt. Sometimes it takes me years to realize that the clothing I buy is often meant for Susie. It’s funny how life works.













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