When we live from an intention-based perspective, our values inspire the best possible outcomes to unfold naturally.

We no longer have a mountain to climb, yet we are more powerful than ever before.




Simply put, I believe that we can create intentions for our lives according to our personal visions and values, and then design our choices, actions, and habits to make those dreams come true — without stress, “shoulds,” and someday thinking.

Each week I share ways we can apply an intention-based approach to our possessions, personal habits, relationships, and career through posts and my podcast, The Lively Show.

I also help people apply this approach in their own lives through live online classes, one-on-one sessions, and self-paced business workshops.

In addition to sharing here on, I’m also a blogger for The Huffington Post, the living well columnist for The Everygirl, and have contributed to The Daily Love.


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The Intention Quick Start Guide includes links to my top 5 intentional posts, books, videos, blogs, and habits to help you add more intention to your life today.


About Jess


I live in Chicago with my hubba, Mr. Lively, and my puppa, (Ben) Franklin.

Though I now help people design lives and businesses with intention full-time, I started my career at the age of fifteen with a jewelry business called Jess LC. I grew the business into a full-time career after graduating from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business in 2007.

Knowing that my mission was to help people live lives with intention, I started this blog in 2009 to share my message. In fact, this mission paired with the ability to be in control of my career was the intentional reason that I took my accessory business full-time.

Six years later, I am still living just three blocks away from my first (tiny) studio apartment where my journey began. I have a career doing what I am meant to do, with a life that is far from perfect, but fills my heart with gratitude. It sure wasn’t easy, but that’s a longer story.


May something wonderful happen to you today,



Get Started Here


The Intention Quick Start Guide includes links to my top 5 intentional posts, books, videos, blogs, and habits to help you add more intention to your life today.



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