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May 30th, 2012   |   Life


Big news! The Things I’m Afraid to Tell You movement which started as a simple post and spread by Ez, has landed on the pages of The Huffington Post.

I’d like to applaud everyone who has pushed themselves to be more honest online. I hope that going forward people feel more comfortable being real outside of this series too.

In honor of the movement, I’m excited to give away a Jess LC Be Brave print. It seems fitting to honor the series with this intention since courage is definitely required to really push past boundaries and share our less-than-perfect sides.

Giveaway Details

To enter to win the print, please comment on this post sharing one thing that you have been afraid to tell people – which you haven’t shared online yet. And if you have done a Things I’m Afraid to Tell You post on your own blog, by all means, feel free to link to that as well!

Comments will close June 6th and a winner will be randomly selected on June 7th. 





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  • I’m afraid the dreams I have for my life will never come true because I’m subconsciously sabotaging myself so I don’t have to risk failure…

    This is the year for me to start being brave.

  • Katlyn

    I’m an artist and (like most artists) my own worst critic. I’m afraid that I’ll never really be happy with any of my work.

  • V

    I’m afraid to tell you that sometimes I wonder why I don’t look forward to hanging out with people as much as everyone else seems tof.

  • d

    I am afraid of success, and so I pass on great opportunities. I have no idea why. 🙁

  • Sarah b

    Although it still is hard to talk about, I was brave to talk about my body image and eating disorder with my best friend when no one else knew about it. ( I since do not have any eating problems what so ever 😉 )

  • Raegan

    I’m afraid to tell you that even though i married young and live in the south, I don’t know if I ever want to have kids. The potential judgment scares me.

  • Nicole

    I am a new mother and with every stage, I am afraid that I am not “doing it right”.

  • Rachel

    I’m afraid of asking people for help when things aren’t going well. I worry that people won’t think of me in the same way if they knew that I wasn’t really the perfect person I try so desperately to be.

  • Freesia39

    I’m afraid to tell something more about myself. I do not want to talk to people about my problems online.

  • I feel guilt about where I live.
    Thanks for this giveaway, Jess. Perfect message for hanging IN this house.

  • I did my own Things I’m Afraid to Tell You post:

  • Sarah

    I’m afraid that I’m not living up to my potential.

  • Katie

    As a teacher of at-risk kids, I’m afraid that I’m not making a difference in their lives. Or that it’s too little, too late compared to the challenges they face.

  • I am afraid of reaching my dreams and finding them empty.

    I am also afraid of writing a TIATTY post. But I will do it eventually.

  • I’m afraid of never finding that happiness, be it in work or relationships. What if I don’t get married? Will I be okay with that?

  • Liz Hernandez Nunez

    I have arrived to the conclusion that I am afraid to lose weight…but I really think that I have tried all of these years but inside I am really afraid of how different my life will be.

  • Jodie

    I am a procrastinator, I always have great ideas that I never finish or follow through.

  • I was afraid to leave my job to focus on my store. (i worked two jobs one as a teacher in the A.M. and then i opened my handmade local shop in the afternoon. I have been working seven days a week since last september) I just gave my notice and in a few weeks i will be able to focus on my business!!! I am terrified but excited to be able to do it!!!

  • luisa ochoa

    great poster!! Right now I`m afraid of not been able to have a child… I dont tell people that because I want to get ride off that negative thinking…

  • I’m sometime afraid that I don’t let my family in enough to truly know me and love me.

  • I’m afraid that I will never find a career I am truly passionate about.

  • Jess

    I’m afraid that as a new mother I’m not going to be able to follow my dreams and make them true and be the best example and inspiration for my little boy.

  • i’m afraid that i made a mistake by not applying to medical school.

  • Gabriela González

    I´m afraid of life. Of losing everything I love, of my dreams not coming true, of not raising my child correctly when I grow up, of my parents not being proud of me, but mostly I´m afraid of not being happy.

  • I’ve gained 18 pounds since my wedding…which was only 9 months ago! I know it’s happy fat, but I think I’d like happy skinny better.

  • Katie

    I recently graduated from grad school and while I a few job interviews lined up, I still worry no one will want to hire me. I hope it isn’t true!

  • I fear that our social worker will judge some small part of my life and never allow my family to adopt a baby! I believe all motivations are pure in our desire to adopt, but I fear she’ll judge our answers and say we are not ready!

    I would love to put this print up in our baby’s room, when they come home! (hoping all the powers that be say we’re ready to adopt!)

  • Mary Beth

    I’m afraid I’ll miss out on something great but not appreciating what I already have.

  • Carolyn O.

    I’m afraid that I won’t be able to make a living in my current job (which is pretty much my perfect job) in the midst of this economy.

  • I’m afraid of letting people get too close…and I’m afraid of that getting in the way of my greatest happiness.

  • Laura Grace

    I think my desire to have everything organised, scheduled to-the-minute and exactly-as-planned is only going to get worse as I grow older.

  • Laura F.

    I am afraid I am missing all of the good things that are in my life right now looking ahead to the future.

  • After all of my recent talk about trying to find a new job, I’m starting to think that I should stick it out with my current employer for a little while longer to save some money for a big move. It’s a 9-month commitment and a little scary!

  • it’s hard to narrow down to just one but i’d love to share with the online world that there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes that isn’t expressed in my blog, family issues, bad days, you know ‘stuff’ that i try to tuck away in order to keep my blog happy and safe. but safe isn’t really what i want to be, maybe it’s time to be brave just like the poster says…

  • Jen

    I’m afraid to tell people that I got back together with my ex-boyfriend, and that I want to move away with him and start my own business.

  • BJ

    I’m afraid to die from suffocation.

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  • Katharine

    I’m afraid to go after the career I really want because if I don’t make it then I won’t know what to do with my life afterwards. I constantly try to remind myself that the point of dreams is to go after them!

  • This is so tough…. I feel like a fraud at work and like it’s only a matter of time until someone walks into my office and says, “We’ve made a terrible mistake, you don’t belong here.”

  • Ohh. Hardest thing for me is to say the words. “I need help”