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November 8th, 2011   |   Business Advice


Since January of 2009, I have been writing here on MML, sharing my journey to design my life with intention. I realized quickly that many people wanted to learn more about how I designed my business with intention as well. So I have laid out much of what I’ve learned from growing Jess LC over the past twelve years.

Today I have compiled all the posts by category so you can easily search for topics that may be helpful for other desk job dreamers, midnight hustlers, or small-business owners.



Overcoming obstacles – In the Past I Have

Motivation – Why Bags? (Or Any Other Dream?)

When you don’t feel like doing it any more – Confession

Crafting the mission – “Specialness”

Purpose vs. career – Removing My Career From My Purpose

Relaxing – Lively Says Relax

Excuses – Getting Off Your “But”

Failure – Success vs. Failure, My Perspective

Taking time to do other things – Turning Off Your Business Mind

Over-thinking – Don’t Trip Before the Start Line

Entrepreneurship – My Philosophy on Entrepreneurship


What to do – My Best Piece of Advice

Starting off – A Letter to Small Business Newbies

Starting a business – How I’d Use $100 to Start a Business

What to do – Why Business is Like High School

When you don’t know what to do – I Will Figure This Out

When things aren’t very good – Why Starting a Business is Like Having Sex

High expectations – Takeaways From the First Three Weeks of Re-Branding

Making connections – Pick Up the Phone

Common concerns starting out – The Biggest Leaps When Going Full-Time

The motivation – Lesson Learned: No “Plan B”


Inspiration from other industries – I’ve Knocked Off Another Company

Strategy – Produce Your Own Success Story

Strategy session – Strategy Session with Susan of

How to grow your business – Designing a Business With Intention

Measuring success – Annual Review

Free business coaching – Your Very Own (Free) Small Business Consultant


Problem solving – Two Things Smart Business People Know

Launch now or wait? – When to Push and When to Wait

Product development – Focus on the Goods

Design inspiration – How to Steal Like an Artist


Web traffic – Understanding Google Analytics

Organizing online orders – Gmail Order Tracking


Getting into stores – Getting Into Stores

Trade shows – So You Wanna Know About Trade Shows

Everything Wholesale – Wholesaling Insider Interview with Jess LC


Marketing and selling online – How I Succeeded at Marketing and Selling Online

Marketing advice – Marketing Advice for Online Shops

Blogging and business – Blogging and Business Answers

Blogging TV interview – Blogging and Business TV Interview

PR – Designing a Business with Intention: PR


Customer Service – When There is a Wait, Be a Good Hostess

Tricks of the trade – Make it Happen: Realistic Business

Staying Productive – 12 Ways Successful Bloggers, Entrepreneurs, Stay Productive

Budgeting – Finance with Intention: Business Budgets

When things are tough – In the Middle

Email – Email is a Privilege

Email burn out – Why I Didn’t Like Going to Work

Credit cards at trunk shows – Processing Credit Cards at Trunk Shows

Burn out – If You Want to Love Your Job, Leave It

Distractions – Makeunder Your Workday

Extra free time – 16 Things to Do With Extra Free Time

Productivity – How I Get Things Done

Hiring people – When to Hire

Business culture – Creating a Business Culture

A must read – The E-Myth Revisited

Get some rest – Give Me a Break, Every Ninety Minutes


Personal saving – Saving While Self-Employed

Family and career – Be the Best You Are With What You Have

Perks – Field Trips

Health insurance – The Price of Good Health


Who are midnight hustlers – My Small Business Heroes

Boring day job -  Turning Shit Into Fertilizer

Meet the midnight hustlers – Meet the Midnight Hustlers

Hating your job – Why it’s Good if You Hate Your Job

Midnight Hustler – JoJo of Dancing Classrooms

Midnight Hustler – Piper of One Sydney Road

Midnight Hustler – Kendi of Kendi Everyday


Why I started Business in the City – Live (Free) Small Business Workshop

What it’s like – November Business in the City


All time high – A Pilgrim’s Progress

Where I used to be – Flashback to Jess LC Circa 2001

Why MML exists – Why I Started This Blog

Getting Into Macy’s – Jess LC is Now in Mayc’s Designers of Chicago Collection

How far Jess LC has come – The Progression of Jess LC



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  • I’m sure it took you forever to organize this so THANK YOU! I already have it bookmarked so I can read your whole story from start to finish and refer to it as I make my next move. I left my desk job last week and have so many ideas but so little focus — I can’t tell you how helpful this will be! xx

  • Thanks so much for the comment and thanks, Mackenzie! Best of luck with your new phase in life!

  • Jess, this is SO helpful. MML has become one of my go-to resources for inspiration and guidance as I begin the planning process for my business, and it’s really great to have everything in one place. I know you originally started MML because you wanted to write a book on making under, and it looks like you have one right here with all these great posts!

  • Thanks for this post. I find it very helpful and resourceful; I will be looking through each article. I just came across your blog a few weeks ago and I am inspired as a writer building a freelance writing business.

    Thank you.

  • CB

    I love how you organized all of your helpful business advice!

  • I know what I’ll be reading for the next few days – this is tremendous and valuable.

    thank you for the virtual hand-holding!

  • Cheryl B

    I just came across your site today and love all of the small business advice, thank you for taking the time to compile it!