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Today’s episode of The Lively Show is a huge honor for me to share with you.

I’m talking with author and lecturer, Tal Ben-Shahar. Tal taught two of the largest Harvard classes in the history of the school, and I was a lucky student of his Positive Psychology class — tuning in “un-officially” during my time at The University of Michigan.

His work has made a huge impact on my life and I am pumped to get to share him with you today on TLS(!!!).

In the show we cover a wide range of topics including: positive psychology, the origins of “self help,” the importance of diversifying our self-worth, perfect vs. optimal, and how to effectively implement habits that will boost our happiness.

This episode is perfect for anyone who geeks out on the topic of personal development or wants to get some easy takeaways to start improving their life one optimal step at a time.



Over the past 15 years, my career has been varied:

Jewelry designer. 
Handbag designer.
Hotel creative director.
One-on-one business coach.
Workshop leader.
Temporary tattoo designer.
Life With Intention Coach.

At several points in my career people have thought I was craaazy for making the choices I made.

But those decisions – which were far from perfect – resulted in a career that is joyful, peaceful, & fulfilling… and I want to share what I’ve learned along the way to help you feel the same in your career, too. 

I’m sharing the tough decisions, mistakes, never-before-shared risks, and triumphs that have come from living my Values in my career over the past 15 years…

so that you can learn about
of a joyful, peaceful, & fulfilling career.  

Whether you have:


This free + live fireside chat will inspire + empower you to make intentional, Values-based decisions that bring you JOY, PEACE, & FULFILLMENT during every step of your career journey.


>> Sign up for the LIVE Fireside Chat Here.*

>> Sign up for the LIVE Fireside Chat Here.*


* Note: This is a LIVE, free, online event. Once it has taken place, there will not be a way to sign up or participate.


PS – Life With Intention Online registration closes Friday, September 25th.




Today we’re talking intentions – Values-based intentions to be exact!

In this episode, we’re discussing what it means to live from our Values through the experience of Life With Intention Online alumni, Katie Evans.

Katie is a mom, wife, non-profit board member, and founder of – on top of having a full-time job!

She’s one busy lady and she’s sharing openly about how she’s changed her life to find more peace, joy, and fulfillment in the things she’s added and subtracted from her closet, home, personal habits, relationships, and career. All as a result of living from her Values-based intentions.

This episode is perfect for anyone looking to learn more about the Life With Intention Online approach, Values-based intentions, and the LWIO class structure. 


PS: Life With Intention Online registration is now open (through September/25)!

Learn more + register here.



Today I have two things to share with you:

1. A very up close and personal story about how my newest Values-based intention has impacted my life.

I share this with you so that you can see how I wrestle with my own ego, and also how I use VBI’s to overcome it. But before we get personal, I wanted to remind you…

2. This is the last call for the free, live (online) 2015 Intention Setting Workshops.


As I’ve shared on The Lively Show, September’s theme is intention and the next round of Life With Intention Online starts in just a few weeks. I truly believe that living with Values-Based Intentions can transform your life, which is why I am so excited to share this free live workshop with everyone who registers.

Join me by clicking the above link and choosing the time that is most convenient for you – I will stay on at the end of the workshop until every question is answered – I promise!

To better understand why joining one of the Intention Setting workshops is so powerful, it’s time to share the story behind my newest Values-Based Intention.

So let’s start there.

Warning: Here is where we get up close and personal.


Ok. Let’s do this.

As you may have heard on The Lively Show Episode #85 with founder, Alisa Vitti (about optimizing female hormone health), I:

A) Have never had a natural period,
B) Have faced a slew of not-so-great side effects from PCOS, and
C) May possibly experience infertility based on A and B above.


To kick off September, I’ve got two new things for you!

1. A new Lively Show sharing my favorite things from August.

“Monthly favorites” are popular episodes on many YouTube channels, and they are now my favorite videos to watch.

In today’s mini edition of The Lively Show, I’m experimenting with this type of episode on the podcast! I’m sharing all the things I loved eating, watching, reading, etc. this August.

Click the “read this post” button below to listen.

2. Free Values-based intention setting workshops!


To celebrate the end of The Lively Show Summer Series and the upcoming Life With Intention Online opening, I’m dedicating this September to free live online workshops to help you set Values-Based Intentions for your life.

If you’d like to join the live Intention Setting Workshops (the first begins next week), >> please sign up here <<.

(After the workshops are over, the link above will no longer allow you to sign up.)



Today is Royal We Day!

As I’ve been sharing lately on TLS and on IG, I have become obsessed with the popular new fiction book, The Royal We.

The Royal We is a national bestselling book loosely based on the lives of Prince William and Princess Kate if Kate happened to be an American exchange student named Rebecca (Bex) Porter.

It. Is. SO. Good.

We’re talking with the authors, Jessica Morgan and Heather Cocks (also the bloggers behind the popular fashion comedy blog, Go Fug Yourself), about how they wrote the book together, what research went into the epic plot, and how their blog led to their careers as fiction authors.

This episode is perfect for current Royal We fans, potential Royal We readers, or anyone looking to learn how two writers co-authored a 450 page novel together. 



Today on The Lively Show, I’m doing an impromptu Mini Edition sharing those two big announcements I’ve been hinting at recently:

  1. We’ve bought our first house and are moving from Austin, TX to Ann Arbor, MI!
  2. I’m writing my first book!

In the episode, I’m sharing more about both of these exciting developments: why we’re moving away from our beloved Austin, and what the new book will be about!

This episode is perfect for anyone interested in why the heck we’re moving to Michigan, and what I’ve been struggling with – until recently – that I’m going to devote my first book to… 



Today’s Lively Show is the second half of last week’s popular topic: 27 Ways to Make Money Online. This week we are speaking with Jessie Artigue of

Jessie has worn several hats before and during her online career including speaker, brand consultant, event host, sponsored blogger, and more. We’ll be discussing the ways she transitioned between each avenue and what she’s learned along the way.

Plus, we’ve made a free printable (below) that outlines the 27 money making methods so you can follow along and take notes!

This two-part episode is perfect for anyone looking to get advice on making money online, or anyone simply curious about how two web-based business owners optimize their income streams. 


(This two-part series is based on a session that Jessie and Hilary presented at Alt Summit based on personal experience.

Feel free to browse the business and blogging categories on The Lively Show page for more insights from entrepreneurs on other parts of the web with different income streams.)



After seeing friends and online business owners, Hilary Rushford (Dean Street Society) and Jessie Artigue (Style & Pepper) rock out a packed session at Alt Summit on 27 Ways to Make Money Online, I knew I needed to bring their great content to you through The Lively Show!

To start, we’ll be discussing all of the ways that Hilary has made money online during her web-based career. This lady is crushing it with her style and business offerings. In the show, she’s dishing on the ways she’s done things in the past, doling out advice based on what she’s learned, and giving us a peek into what she’s focusing on right now.

Next week, Jessie will come on the show and share her income streams over the years and her advice for people just starting out, as well as more seasoned business owners.

Plus, we’ve made a free printable (below) that outlines the 27 money making methods below so you can follow along and take notes!

This (two-part) episode is perfect for anyone looking to get advice on making money online, or anyone simply curious about how two web-based business owners optimize their income streams. 



Today kicks off our first episode of our Summer Series! Each Lively Show episode during June, July, and August will relate to that month’s particular theme.

In June we’re discussing money: what to do with the money you have, how to make money online (if you want to, or are interested in learning how others do), and what to do with debt.

Today’s guest is Nicole Lapin, a financial journalist and author of Rich Bitch. Besides being an advocate for women’s financial success, she was also the youngest anchor ever on both CNN and CNBC.

In the show, we discuss the money mindsets Nicole recommends and we explore what she learned from attaining her lifelong career goals at such an early age.

This episode is perfect for anyone looking to hear an inspiring story about: working towards a goal, the challenges that came with being the youngest person in a public career, and the lessons Nicole learned from tackling the topic of money both personally and professionally. 



Today’s Lively Show guest is Myleik Teele, someone I adore following – especially on Instagram – for her straight-shooting take on life and career.

Myleik Teele is the founder of, a popular subscription box service specializing in African American hair products, and the voice behind and the My Taught You podcast.

Myleik shares what she’s learned from being radically authentic, how she deals with fear, and what she’s learned throughout her journey in life, relationships, and business.

This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to hear an honest, inspiring journey or lean into their own authenticity in a greater way.



Today on The Lively Show I’m talking with Mimi Ikonn, a co-founder of Luxy Hair and YouTube sensation.

I was introduced to Mimi through her husband’s co-author of The Five Minute Journal, UJ Ramdas (who was on the show last December).

Since my introduction to Mimi, I’ve become a huge fan of her helpful style videos and positive message.

In the show, we’ll be diving into the incredible journey filled with ups, downs, and hard work that has led Mimi to the inspiring, world-traveling life she now leads.

This episode is perfect for anyone looking to hear an inspiring story of someone with humble beginnings who wasn’t afraid to go after what she wanted throughout her life – and the unexpected lessons she learned going from working two full-time jobs to help support her family, to having all the time, freedom, and money she wanted. 


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