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the lively show season 2 begins…

March 23rd, 2015   |   Life

Though things have been quiet during the break between Season 1 and Season 2 of The Lively Show, I’ve been busy over the break running Life With Intention Online, working with LWIO members, and getting Season 2 episodes ready for you.

Want to know when TLS Season 2 begins? Click the super quick video above to find out!

Until then…. may something wonderful happen to you today!



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Today is the 1st Anniversary Special and season 1 finale for The Lively Show!

And I have the perfect guest to celebrate with.

Today’s guest is Pat Flynn, an incredibly genuine and successful business owner with a blog and podcast called Smart Passive Income.

Pat owns several companies, and documents his business successes and failures on his blog each month.

In this episode, we talk about the mindset shifts and personal habit changes he’s made from when he got laid off from his architecture job in 2008, to today, where he regularly earns around $100,000 per month(!).

We also discuss his business Values, personal life Values, and how he prioritizes his wife and children.

This episode is perfect for anyone who is looking to design a career based on their Values, or wants to learn from someone who has achieved massive success personally and financially while staying grounded along the way.


TheLivelyShowWithKaiteRichardson This Lively Show is thanks to a tag @shanderson22 left for me on Katie Richardson’s Instagram photo that declared, “stop the glorification of busy.”

I’m talking with the incredible Katie Richardson, a wife, mother of four littles, and the founder of the practical and stylish children’s line, Puj. This episode is more of a conversation than a traditional interview. Katie and I both explore the challenges, triumphs, and limiting beliefs we face when it comes to detaching ourselves from busy-ness.

This episode is perfect for anyone who is over-scheduled, overwhelmed, or wants to drop the word “busy” from their vocabulary.


Today on the Lively Show, I have an awesomely helpful episode that is as eye-opening as it is easy to start applying to your life today!

I’m talking with Jay Papasan, a bestselling writer and co-author of New York Times Bestselling book, The One Thing.

Jay’s insights are incredible, there is SO much goodness for you to dive into.  Don’t miss it!

This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to find clarity in their life and improve their results from family to career.



In today’s Lively Show, I’m tackling a great listener question:

How can we prevent getting off track when life gets busy? 

This is a great topic to discuss right now, as we wrap up the first month of 2015. I’m sure there are many plans you may have had in mind at the start of the year that may be feeling a little daunting as your schedule ramps up.

This episode is perfect for those who are trying to stay on top of their plans amidst a busy schedule, or who have fallen off track and want to get back on a consistent schedule.



Today on The Lively Show, I’m talking with Elizabeth Piper, one half of the duo behind The Pretty Girl Revolution.

We’re talking about how Elizabeth and her business partner, Mary, are out to redefine the word “pretty” in our culture and empower young women through their mission-minded coaching, speaking, and workshops.

As an alumni of Life With Intention Online, Elizabeth is also sharing what her experience was like, who she recommends it for, and how it compared to the recent Mini Series.

This show is perfect for anyone looking to learn more about how to turn a message into a mission-minded career, or for anyone looking to learn about LWIO from a member’s perspective.



Today’s a big day for three reasons:

  1. Life With Intention Online registration is now open! You can learn more and sign up here.
  2. I’m headed to Alt Summit in Salt Lake City tomorrow to host a podcasting roundtable with Hilary Walker.
  3. I have a new Lively Show episode for you!

Today I’m answering a listener question about how to silence the doubts when making big decisions.

I’m sharing my three tips to help you gain confidence when making big decisions and handle those pesky “what ifs.”

Let’s go to the show!


TLS #59: beating the new year’s blues

January 13th, 2015   |   IntentionLife


Today on The Lively Show I’m talking with Lively Show associate producer, Ashley, about beating the “New Year’s Blues.”

Ashley lives here in Austin and has quickly become a good friend since I moved here last summer. Since then, she’s also become the “Intention Tattoo Dream Fulfiller” and is helping me with The Lively Show.

This show style is fun, lighthearted, and may become a more regular occurrence on Tuesdays, if you enjoy the format.

(Please let us know if you’d like to hear more episodes like these!)

In this episode, we are talking about what Ashley calls the “New Year’s Blues” and what you can do to beat them.



Today I’m kicking off the 2015 Lively Show guest episodes with Tina Roth Eisenberg!

Tina is a designer, blogger, keynote speaker, and founder of:

Tattly – A temporary tatttoo shop in Brooklyn that I work with to produce the intention tattoos.

Creative Mornings – A monthly worldwide lecture series.

TeuxDeux – My very favorite to-do app ever.

Swissmiss – Her popular design blog.

In the show, we talk about how Tina uses her Values to design her businesses and her interactions with her family.

This episode is perfect for anyone looking to get inspired to live from Values in their lives, or want to hear an very humble woman share her amazing journey.


(PS – The Life With Intention Online Mini Series is now live and only available for a short time! Sign up to get the free training here.)



Today I’m sharing my brand new Intention Setting Mini Series I’ve been working on for you over the past few weeks!

The free three part video series will be launching with the first video on Thursday, but you can sign up to get access to the mini series here (please note: if you are on my email list you do still need to sign up in order to access the course).

The mini series will only be available for a short time, so you’ll want to sign up for free now.

Plus, I’m also sharing the key habits and changes I recommend trying to design your life around your intentions in each area of your life from closet to career. 


5 binge-worthy lively show playlists

December 30th, 2014   |   Life


In place of new Lively Show episodes this new years week, I have created curated playlists for you on some of The Lively Show’s most popular topics.

This way you can listen to specific shows based on the themes you are most interested in.

This list is far from all inclusive, and many incredible shows are not on these playlists. But they are a great way to catch up – in a curated way – on popular topics this 2014 season.

And, if you’ve been following along since the beginning, this is a chance to revisit specific themes and shows that spark your interest!

So grab those ear buds and get ready to start (binge) listening now!


Today I am wrapping up 2014 with an episode that means a lot to me.

The stories shared in this episode about life-changing generosity have left me awed, quiet, reflective, (and a little teary eyed). 

At a time where there is a lot of focus on getting things done and crossing things off lists, this is the perfect way to welcome the remainder of 2014.

In addition, I’m also announcing the Week of Giving winners! Please listen to see if you are among the winners.

Happy holidays!

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