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NewShopHoly guacamole, guys.

I have three very exciting new things to tell you about!



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Today I have a fun girl chat with Liz of Sequins and Stripes on The Lively Show.

Liz is a (successful) blogger, stylist, soon-to-be bride, and overall adorable person!

I’ve personally been friends with her (as well as a follower of her blog) for several years now. In fact, her taste has been a huge inspiration for my own style.

In the show, we talk about defining your style, the progression of Liz’s life and career from corporate to blogging and styling full-time, and there is a hefty dose of strategy advice when it comes to making an income through blogging.

So anyone looking to learn more about making money via blogging sponsorships and brand collaborations will love this episode!


In this episode you’ll find out about


  • The two “unsuccessful” blogs Liz started before Sequins and Stripes.
  • How she landed her first styling clients before S&S.
  • How to comb through your closet and determine which things to exfoliate.
  • A few little details about Liz’s upcoming wedding(!).
  • Liz’s approach to life through “little victories.”
  • How successful fashion bloggers foster connections and land dream projects with their favorite brands. (20:00)
  • How List transitioned financially from her full-time job to her styling business.
  • Liz’s biggest struggle in her business right now.
  • What Liz would say to someone just starting out.


Show Notes

They’re Real Mascara by Benefit

Bare Escentuals Powder/Blush (in Rose Radiance)

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer/Sheer Foundation

Essie Nail Polish – Bikini So Teeny 

Essie Nail Polish – Geranium

Essie Nail Polish – Lilacism

Life with Intention Online


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Want more? Check out past Lively Show episodes here.



PSI’m being interviewed on a Podcast, too! I’m over at the With Purpose Podcast talking about living intentionally, my take on purpose, how my parents influenced my career, and more.


PPS – Want to ditch the stress, “shoulds,”, and future tripping?

As someone who has read countless books on living an intentional life, Jess has found the secret to bridging theory into actionable items today!

This class will benefit anyone seeking greater meaning in your life, from anywhere.

- Leana M. | Participating from Rwanda


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gold shoe giveaway

December 20th, 2013   |   LifeWardrobeWineday Friday


To show my gratitude for your support throughout 2013, I have five gifts planned for you over the next five days!  There are no outside sponsors or companies associated with these gifts. They are simply from me, to you.


Guys, this week has been so much fun! I’ve kinda felt like an intentional Santa Claus giving out gifts everyday. It’s also a bit staggering to see all the mentorship applications, and workbook/PV Starter Kit downloads.

In honor of Wineday Friday, I am wrapping up the Week of Giving with a pair of gold flats! I cannot thank you guys enough for all of the comments and emails filled with gold shoe suggestions over the past few months.

After looking at what seemed like hundreds of gold flat options, I finally settled on the original pair from J.Crew factory that I thought would be a half size too small.

I took the plunge and purchased them despite the size and they ended up fitting perfectly!

While I was doing this shoe size dance, Carrie of Dream Green DIY, snagged some 8.5 gold ballet flats at her super special local J.Crew outlet for me, too.


I paid her back for the extra pair of gold shoes, but the 8.5′s are too loose for me.

Which means I now have a pair of gold J.Crew ballet flats for you!

(You’ll notice there is a black line through the J.Crew logo because these puppies are actually regular J.Crew flats sold at the outlet for much less than normal.)

If you want to snag these flats, check out the details below.



A Week of Giving Wrap Up


And a huge thanks to you all for being a part of the 2013 Week of Giving! I have been so blessed by your support over the past year and I hope that the things I shared this week can help you take 2014 to the next level.

And as always, thank you for reading and have a great holiday week/weekend!



How to Win the Gold Shoes


Please leave a comment on this post to win the gold shoes!

Entries will close December 27th, and the winner will be selected on December 30th.

(US shipping addresses only, please.)

Remember, these are a size 8.5.




Monday: One-on-One Mentorship for a Year

Tuesday: Free Private Victory Starter Kit 

Wednesday: Free Business with Intention Workbook

ThursdayTwo Free “That One Thing” Intention Sessions Scholarships


Guys, today’s Wineday Friday is pretty serious.

(At least it’s serious as far as Wineday Friday’s are concerned.)

Last week while Mr. Lively and I were visiting Boston we walked around in the rain for several hours and my lovely and comfortable Target sequin flats shown above were ruined. They were in such bad shape that they didn’t ever dry out properly and they got trashed before we flew home.

I am super sad about this because these puppies are were my go-to shoe 80% of the time and I’m having a hard time finding another pair to replace them.

I spotted a more expensive glitter pair at J.Crew, but I’m not thrilled at prospect of paying 400% more than I paid for the Target shoes when they have glitter and may not even turn out to be as comfy as the cheap pair. I also noticed a leather ballet flat option on the J.Crew Factory site which I liked – but my size is sold out (8.5).

I’ve done searches on Target (I’m not a fan of their updated gem-y version of these shoes), Piperlime, and Pinterest to no avail. I can’t seem to find the perfect flat gold show for fall and winter.

Does anyone out there have any suggestions for me? I’m all ears!

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you have a great weekend! 


PS – I’d like to thank Blair for helping me re-design the new sidebar. Site update #47,324 is now complete!

six fall wardrobe updates

October 3rd, 2013   |   StyleWardrobe

SixFallWardrobeUpdatesThis fall I’ve been pretty careful with my clothing purchases in order to stay on track with our savings goals.

Thanks to awesome sales, store gift cards, and a handful of J.Crew Factory coupons, I’ve been able to get six new pieces that are fun to mix into my regular wardrobe while staying on budget.

The first update is a fall classic: the cozy cream sweater. I got this waffle version at J.Crew Factory and will wear it into the winter as well.


These next two items are my new fall favorites. I’ve seen the sparkle necklace (similar) and button-down shirt look for a while and wanted to try it out. I love how the crystals make the masculine plaid a little more girly.


To be honest, I wasn’t crazy about the embellished sweatshirt trend at first. But when I spotted this simple and less expensive version at Loft on sale, I decided to give it a try.


Though I styled the sweatshirt here with the black skinnies, I think it will be even cuter paired with a skirt, black tights, and booties.

As for the black skinnies, they are my new go-to pant. They instantly make any outfit look just a bit more polished.

And then of course, there are the super comfortable black booties. Clean, simple, low heel, and great leather.

As I mentioned on Monday, I am currently traveling around Boston and New Hampshire for a little belated birthday trip for Mr. Lively. If you’re wondering what I packed for the long weekend, just take a look above!

linda’s pumpkin dip & fall decor

September 30th, 2013   |   Style

LindasPumpkinDipAndFallDecorFunny story… this morning I wrote about how I had a crazy packed day and that I came to a peaceful acceptance of this fact. Well, it seems like the moment that I welcomed the busy-ness… it all faded away. A few appointments and consulting sessions got rescheduled, and suddenly my day is far more open than expected.

The second part of the passage I shared mentions that if you surrender to what you have, “more will rush your way.” Perhaps my acceptance of being busy actually allowed things to open up?

Or maybe I’m looking into it too deeply? Either way, I’ll take it.

Anyways, back to the topic at hand. I’ve been tweaking things a bit in our living room to honor my favorite season: fall.

(Sidenote: Over the years, I have noticed people usually love their birthday season the most. So considering that my birthday coming up in October, I feel like it is inevitable that I should love autumn.)

Anyways, here’s what I’ve changed:

The pillows. Since I went neutral in the living room, it is pretty easy to adjust the room for the seasons. I swapped out the coral pillow for an old orange pillow cover along with a grey textured one that I use in the winter, too.


If you can ignore the dozens of cords snaking down the wall, you’ll see that the plaid blankets, pumpkin, and owl add a little fall to the bookshelf.


I kept things simple on the fireplace mantle by pairing an old grapevine pumpkin with a mini pumpkin.


And of course, the fall wouldn’t be complete with out my mom’s trusty pumpkin dips.

Healthy or unhealthy, you have a pumpkin dip to suit your needs.


  • One 8 oz cool whip
  • 1 box instant vanilla pudding
  • 1 tsp. pumpkin pie spice (nutmeg will work in a pinch)
  • 15 oz canned pumpkin
  • Gingerbread men or graham crackers
  1. Thaw cool whip. Mix pumpkin, dry vanilla pudding mix, and pumpkin pie spice.
  2. Fold in thawed cool whip and serve.


  • 4 C confectioners sugar
  • 16 oz canned pumpkin
  • 16 oz cream cheese
  • 1 tbsp. pumpkin pie spice
  • Gingerbread men or graham crackers
  1. Beat cream cheese and sugar.
  2. Stir in remaining ingredients.



creating an essentials bag

September 26th, 2013   |   StyleWardrobe

CreatingAnEssentailsBagThough I don’t have many purses, I do like to match my purse to my outfit. Due to this daily bag rotation, I have tried over the years to create an essentials bag that could corral the smaller items I use in one place.

In theory, my essentials bags were always helpful. But I either stopped swapping them from bag to bag after about a week, or I would never even open the essentials bag to begin with, which rendered the whole concept useless.

However, this past month I’ve finally successfully created an essentials bag that I actually use and continue to grab before I head out the door.

For me, I found the following guidelines helpful:

EssentialBagGuidelinesBack in the day, I used to include everything under the sun – Tide sticks, sewing kits, bug spray, the kitchen sink, you name it. But really, I don’t ever use those things, and they just made the bag bulkier and less likely to fit in all of my purses.

So if you consider making an essentials bag and use a Tide stick religiously, be sure to include one! But I don’t suggest adding a mini flashlight unless you find yourself stuck in the dark on a regular basis.

By literally paring back to these five essentials, I have exactly what I need and use daily.

TheEssentialsAs far as the essentials bag itself, I am now using this little J.Crew pouch. In its past life it was a super-duper sized business card holder for Alt Summit. But really, I don’t need a huge business card caddy day-to-day. Instead, a smaller one from college works better and fits within the pouch.

Now, when I need to head out the door, I just toss my sunglasses, keys, wallet, and essentials pouch into a purse and leave.



ClutchEssentialsBagDoes anyone else have an essentials pouch? If so, did you have trouble finding the right mix of products and bag selection, too?


giving an old coat new life

September 24th, 2013   |   StyleWardrobe

GivingAnOldCoatNewLifeFour years ago, I invested in a great fall coat. It was a wool-cashmere splurge that I got on sale at J.Crew.

Over the years I faithfully wore it into the ground. So much so, that by this fall the lining looked like spaghetti squash.


Rather than purchase a new coat of a similar quality that could have run close to $300+, I decided to buy some new lining and bring this guy back to life for $120.

I picked a bright fuchsia lining at the fabric store and brought it to my trusty dry cleaner/tailor extraordinaire for re-lining, dry cleaning, and pocket repair.

NewlyLinedCoatGoodbye boring, whisper-thin beige lining. Hello, sturdier (and warmer) bright pink.

It’s kinda like a mullet coat – in a good way. Business on the outside, margarita night on the inside.


After completing this project, I highly recommend re-lining an old, high-quality coat. But be sure to give the project to someone you trust to do a good job with the repairs.

And remember, you can always have a little fun with the color!

new home tour on pretty fluffy

September 23rd, 2013   |   DecorLifeStyle

NewHomeTouronPrettyFluffyLast week Franklin (and the apartment) got a feature over on the go-to site for stylish pet owners, Pretty Fluffy.

The home tour was shot by Kim – which really just meant it was a fun day of photography, home-working, and trying to get Franklin to stay still.


I always love Kim’s work, and it was awesome to see her home tour photos compared to images from the Design*Sponge home tour a while back.

There are new views of the apartment that weren’t shown before, and there are design updates around the apartment, like the guest room, which look so much better now.


Click to see the home tour.

Enjoy the new shots of the home – and the tricks I use to stash all of Franklin’s stuff around the house while keeping things clean and cute at the same time.

Click to see the home tour.


PS – There is “Kim photo inception” going on in the first picture. The photo on the nightstand is from our wedding, which Kim also shot. I wonder if that happens a lot and I just never noticed it… 

photos by, via

bringing the patio into fall

September 19th, 2013   |   DecorStyle

BringingThePatioIntoTheFallNow that the weather is getting chillier, it’s time to do more than just break out the booties.

It’s time to “autumn-ize” the patio.

(It may not be not a real word, but it seems like something Mr. Autumn Man would say.)

To do this, we swapped the regular flowers which were slowly dying…

WideShotPatioFor very inexpensive yellow mums from Home Depot.

YellowMumsCute. Simple. And Mr. Lively’s favorite color.


We’re also using our plaid stadium blankets to stay warm. You can find great some deals on these vintage guys on Etsy.

Franklin also seems to prefer the fall, too.

FranklinFallPatioDoesn’t he look good with plaid?

the fall clothing transition

September 17th, 2013   |   StyleWardrobe

TheFallClothingTransitionWhen I think of the summer to fall transition, my mind naturally goes to the most important decision of all: when to switch from drinking iced tea to coffee?

This is an important decision because once I switch, I don’t go back. And if the temps hop around too much, I might end up wishing I’d stuck with my iced tea habit just a little bit longer.

Oh, and then there is the clothing transition. Thankfully, that transition is much easier than the caffeine swap.

When it comes to clothing, I get most excited to wear my jeans and boots once the weather drops. This year, I decided to try the little brown bootie trend.


This is a style that I know is here to stay — at least this season and probably next fall. So I figured I’d test the waters with these reasonably priced guys.

I like that they are the perfect shade of cognac brown and are basically the bootie version of the riding boot. Since I’m new to this trend, I want to keep things as simple as possible to start.

Oh, and you might notice that I cut my hair, too.

HairCutMy hair stylist suggested that I go for the Alexa Chung look. Though I do like the shorter length, I’m still getting used to styling it properly.

Yesterday I tried the Curly Girl method, straightened it immediately after, and then used a curling iron to get more movement… it is definitely still a work in progress.

On the clothing front, as the temperatures keep jumping up and down, I have been pulling clothing from my summer wardrobe into the fall.


During the transition into the fall, I love how the booties pair with white jeans. I think the combo would also look awesome with an oversized gray or navy sweater, too.

And hey, when things start to get chilly, scarves add color and pattern to even the simplest of outfits.


Here’s to the fall! What is your most important “fall transition decision?”


This post is sponsored by Pickwick & Weller (c/o the cozy peach shirt and white slouchy tee) – and they are giving 25% off to JessLively readers! Click here to get the discount on their (really well made) tees. 

WouldYouLikeToHearAboutDesignProjectSo if we were sitting on the couch drinking a glass of wine together, I’d probably tell you all about the home design project that I’ve been working on.

Back in the day, I used to tell Mr. Lively how much I wanted to one day have a home, like Sarah’s Houseto decorate room by room. In talking to Jen the other day, I realized that this home project is pretty close (sans Tommy, a tv crew, the ability to design this home entirely in gold and white, and a cute theme song)!

The owners of the hotel that I’m working on in Andersonville are building a new home that I’m also decorating. It’s an awesome modern walk-up that is a few months away from completion.

Though I’m not making every single decision in the home, it’s been pretty awesome to see the faith that the homeowners have in my vision for everything from the lighting fixtures, to tile, to paint, to furniture in every room in the house.

The view you see above is the kitchen in its current state. The wooden racks you see at the bottom are going in the (insane) wine cellar that they are installing on to the right wall just out of view in this photo.

On Monday, I’ll be ordering these pendants for the island and working a furniture plan for a few of the other rooms in the house.

My question to you is: Would you like me to share more updates on this project? Or, would you rather me wait to share the more finished versions of the rooms? 


Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

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