Good morning, everyone! Caitlin here, and I’m back once again with today’s Design Your Life Interview.

You know this lovely lady as the blogger behind Breakfast at Toast, co-founder and editor of that little website for women that people can’t stop talking about (The Everygirl), and loving mother to Buddy (the rescue pup that is always popping up on your instagram feed). I’m so glad that she carved a little time into her constantly busy schedule to share her intentions with us today, and I know you will be too.

DESIGN YOUR LIFE: Danielle of Breakfast at Toast and The Everygirl

It has never been a secret that prior to moving to Chicago I was living at my mom’s house in LA because I couldn’t afford an apartment and a car, was in a relationship that wasn’t moving forward, and had grown apart from most of my friends. I was so unhappy. I shared my story here, but long story short, I decided t o start over in Chicago. I woke up in tears for a week or two before the move and was terrified of making such a big change, but it was the best thing I ever did. I have since started a new business (The Everygirl), have made lots of wonderful friends, and I’ve even had time to figure out who I am and what I want out of life.

One night in January 2011, I found myself sitting in Alaina Kaczmarski’s living room with Alaina and Jess (Constable). The concept of The Everygirl was brought up, but it was not until Alaina and I had our first meeting In August 2011 that things started happening. The mission was clear for both of us, but figuring out the design, name, content, and how the site would run wasn’t easy! I have never put so much of myself into anything, but it has been so worth working late nights and weekends. I have met some amazing women, made a new best friend, and am behind a site that is inspiring girls everyday.

I used to spend way too much time working (and I still do), but I have been much better about giving myself some down time. Delegating (to our interns) and asking for help have done wonders for my mental health. And taking time to relax/unwind on the weekends has changed my life. Everyone needs a little down time.

Make what you love a part of your daily life. I enjoy decorating my apartment, photography, and pretty much any aspect of design. If there is something you’re interested in, find a way to make it a part of your life.

Being healthy is very important to me. I’ve tried it all (boxing, yoga, spinning, plain old cardio, rowing, etc.). Seven weeks ago, I started CrossFit and I have never felt better. Having an outlet where I am able to take an hour to do something for me, connect with great people, and feel better about myself is so crucial for my physical and mental health.

Appreciate the small things. It is the little things (puppies, someone saying hello on the street, living in a beautiful city, good friends, etc. that make life worth living. It is so easy to focus on the negative, but as cheesy as this may sound, taking time to look at the kindness and beauty that surrounds you will do wonders for your soul.

First photo by Stoffer Photography. All other photos by Danielle Moss.


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  • Kathryn Holding

    I have recently become a follower of some of you Chicago ladies…I am so jealous of what a great group of bloggers and friends you all are! Makes me want to move (or at least visit) Chicago. (As a Southerner, I don’t know if I could handle the winters.) Thank you for sharing this post from Danielle…the Everygirl is a new fave and is bound to be a smash hit!

  • Thank you, Kathryn. You should definitely plan a visit to Chicago. I am from Los Angeles, so if I can handle the winter, I’m sure you can do it, too!

  • This is so neat to read! I check out The Everygirl daily but I never really thought about who was behind it. I completely agree with Danielle on the importance of exercise- it is important to stay healthy but also just to push yourself!

  • Loved everything about this. Thank you to Danielle for sharing. I read your blog daily as well as The Everygirl and always find it so inspiring. I have recently taken Bikram Yoga back up and I feel like I can conquer the world so I know exactly how you feel about CrossFit.

  • wow! how inspiring! congratulations to Danielle and The Everygirl…love that site. now I want to check our her blog, Breakfast at Toast, and I’m sure it’s awesome and she will be getting a new follower!

  • Thank you for including Danielle as a part of your Design Your Life series! I discovered your blog recently and I love all of the inspiration that I’ve found in the posts! I’ve been following Danielle’s blog & The Everygirl for a few months and it’s always good to hear her opinion on things. I felt like I could relate to every part of the post!

  • so inspiring, thank you for posting! love this series and breakfast @ toast!

  • Danielle, I love this post!! You are definitely an inspiration for making big changes and a reminder that everything works out in the end – and usually for the better! I’m a firm believer in regets are always for the things you didn’t do – not usually the things you actually do! I love your blog and have enjoyed seeing the success of the Everygirl! Keep those pics of buddy coming! 🙂

  • Thank you all for your sweet comments and thank you to Jess for having me on MML!

    Courtney, I could never stop posting photos of Buddy. I’m glad someone is enjoying them 😉

  • Loved reading this! Take chances is great advice, I don’t think you ever regret them!

  • I loved reading this! Danielle is such a inspiration. Such great advice too!