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April 12th, 2012   |   Business AdviceLifeThink About It

Lately, I’ve been working longer hours than ever before, but stressing less.

How you might ask?

That’s because Future Jess is working overtime.

Yep, that’s right. I’ve cloned myself and the second Jess is living somewhere off in the future working hard for Jess LC and my personal life.

My Future Jess is pretty awesome, she doesn’t get worried or anxious and her hair is always perfectly smooth and soft. (She has shiny white teeth, too.)

Because of Future Jess, whenever I come across a problem or decision that needs to be made, I simply leave it on Future Jess’ to-do list.

Q: When am I going to find my westie puppy?

A: Future Jess will figure it out closer to May when that becomes a more important possibility. 

Q: What should I do with the remaining stock we have left when collection is finished?

A: Future Jess will figure that out once we get to that point. 

Q: Who is going to intern for Jess LC once our summer interns have gone back to school?

A: Future Jess will find some great girls to help out in the shop in the next few months.

Q: How am I going to balance the workshop travel, Jess LC, MML, and writing an e-book this summer?

A: Future Jess will decide what is best once July comes around.

Q: Where am I going to live July 1st?

A: Future Jess is going to take a look at the options on the market with Future Mr. Lively in May when July leases start popping up.

You see? Future Jess has a lot of work on her hands while I enjoy this present moment and the macaroni and cheese I’m about to eat for lunch.



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  • Yes! Thanks for this. Being present should be a simple concept. I like hearing of new ways to get back to enjoying and being right. now.

  • This is such a great way to view future decisions that can turn into premature worries. I hate knowing something is coming up, but I can’t do anything about it yet. This would be a fabulous way to get it off my mind–maybe even marking it on a calendar for the future me to deal with so I really can forget about it. Thanks for the tip!

  • I used to do this all the time! It’s a great trick.. Especially when I was in my last year of college and had no idea what I was going to do, where I was going to live, how I was going to pay off my student loans, etc etc. Future Jen was going to take care of it all. And it turns out, she did! Loving this little reminder.. I think I need to bring her back. “Future Jen” that is. With wedding planning and moving and life adjusting, I think she’d be a great help 🙂 Thank you, Jess!

  • I love this! It’s like Future Jess is a super hero or something and you can feel secure knowing that you’ve given the task to her. I should start delegating some things that are making me anxious to Future Jo. What a great idea! Thanks, Jess!

    PS–Does this remind anyone of How I Met Your Mother and future Ted and future Marshall?

  • Both Present and Future Me like the way you think! 🙂

  • I LOLed at this. I like the perspective. lol

  • I was thinking of you and your letters to your future self yesterday–NPR had a story about how financial advisors are using virtual “future self” imaging to teach people (especially young people) to be smarter about investing and saving for retirement. The idea is that too many of us see that future self as a stranger, and therefore someone we are not responsible for caring for, or showing compassion to. They take your photo and run it through aging software, and have you “get to know” that older person, decades from now, and hopefully you want to take care of that person, once you’ve “met them.”
    Interesting idea. i was really struck by how the reporter said “When you’re 5 everyone asks what you want to be when you grew up.” As if our career is the only defining thing, and once we get there, there’s no more growing to do. She suggested we need to keepo asking ourselves who we want to be. When I’m 65, what trips do i want to take, what hobbies will I have, what sports and classes will I follow?
    I love that. Investing in our future self is not just about money.

  • Outsourcing at its finest!

  • Virginia

    Love this; thanks for the idea.

  • MsRipley

    I have these discussions with myself all the time to fight procrastination. When I’m tempted to put something off, I’ll imagine how much Future Me will appreciate not having to do it. Conversely, I try to thank Past Me when I find something she’s done useful.

  • Yes!! I’m slowly learning to just take things one day at a time. The funny thing is, the longer I work to convince myself I’m not a worrier, the more it’s actually true.

  • This is brilliant! Future Maggie just got hired.

  • You are amazing Jess. I have a lot of these same types of worries on my plate, but I keep trying to take things ONE DAY AT A TIME. It’s seriously the only way to remain calm and enjoy the moment.

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  • A lovely reminder on a dreary day. Thanks!

  • Jess

    I’m so glad you all liked meeting Future Jess! It sounds like a lot of other “Future” people are popping up this weekend!

  • This is amazing and I am putting it in my mental mind speak repertoire. These next few months are incredibly busy for me and my family and I need to remember this so I am not stressing RIGHT now about things that are so far in the future.


  • I love this post! Great thinking and it reminds me of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ where Ted & Marshall leave all their problems for future Ted & Marshall – too funny. But it really is great advice – thank you!
    Oh and I’ll help you find a Westie!! x

  • Don’t you wish sometimes you could have your future self come and tell you things? Maybe that’s just me… haha
    Great post!

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