giving an old coat new life

September 24th, 2013   |   StyleWardrobe

GivingAnOldCoatNewLifeFour years ago, I invested in a great fall coat. It was a wool-cashmere splurge that I got on sale at J.Crew.

Over the years I faithfully wore it into the ground. So much so, that by this fall the lining looked like spaghetti squash.


Rather than purchase a new coat of a similar quality that could have run close to $300+, I decided to buy some new lining and bring this guy back to life for $120.

I picked a bright fuchsia lining at the fabric store and brought it to my trusty dry cleaner/tailor extraordinaire for re-lining, dry cleaning, and pocket repair.

NewlyLinedCoatGoodbye boring, whisper-thin beige lining. Hello, sturdier (and warmer) bright pink.

It’s kinda like a mullet coat – in a good way. Business on the outside, margarita night on the inside.


After completing this project, I highly recommend re-lining an old, high-quality coat. But be sure to give the project to someone you trust to do a good job with the repairs.

And remember, you can always have a little fun with the color!


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  • Stephanie J. Gravenor

    Hey Jess –

    I remember seeing this post a while back, so thought I’d reach out. Think ripping through the lining on J.Crew beige coats must be a trend, because I have a similar problem… 🙂
    Where did you get the pink fabric? How did you know how much you needed to get? Were you debating between any other colors?
    I might just go to the dry cleaner you recommended – seems nice and convenient wtih quality work. 🙂

  • Hi Stephanie! I got the pink fabric from Fishman’s Fabrics and I think I got 1.5 or 2 yards. And there were other lining fabrics there, but I knew I wanted a bright pink for my own coat, personally.

    The cleaners are Manor Cleaners on Broadway and Surf. She is super sweet and did a great job. The only comment I would suggest is to mention you don’t want the sleeve lining to show past the coat – mine does a little and it is the only part about it I don’t love.