Jen, my insightful Commander-in-Chief, had a new idea for Friday posts that I’d like to try out. She advised me to share a bit more about myself from a non-business or intention perspective. To dish a bit on what I love beyond of the world of intention.

With this in mind, I’m going to start sharing somewhat random, but fun, topics on Fridays. They will be little conversations that I’d most likely have with you if we were having a glass of wine (or in this instance, a margarita) together. Ready? Let’s begin!

The first thing you should know about me is that my body is composed of 14.2% nachos. I site that percentage specifically because I eat nachos from Terascas, a local Mexican restaurant in Lincoln Park, at least once a week. (This week I went twice.)

For me, the only thing that beats the ‘nachos, no meat, with sour cream on the side’ is their smokey salsa served with chips before the meal.

I once worked with a lovely Mexican client  – who lives in Mexico – here in Chicago. At my suggestion, we later dined on her own native cuisine, Midwest-style.

I’m pretty sure that was the equivalent to eating fish and chips at an English Pub in Paris. Which is exactly what Mr. Lively and I did on our honeymoon. The Parisian fish and chips turned out to be such a disappointment that they inspired a 24 hour trip to London to get the real thing.

Which goes to show that this magical restaurant, with their epic nachos, is not universally acknowledged as the most fantastic place on Earth. It simply feels that way to me.


Thank you so much for reading and have a wonderful weekend!


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  • Tanea

    I LOVE nachos!! And now I really want some. lol.

  • Jennifer

    Love, Love 🙂 I’m also a huge fan of nachos! Thinking about chips with all the fix-ins makes my mouth water….maybe I’ll eat some for lunch today?

  • I adore nachos. I could eat them every day.

    Brittanny //

  • Lol. I hope you get to satisfy your craving this weekend!

  • That. Sounds. Amazing.

    Did you end up making some?

  • What is your favorite topping?

  • Jennifer

    I didn’t! I had a boring salad instead. But I am 100% positive they are on my eating menu for the weekend. xo

  • Chelsa Bea

    We make homemade nachos at least once a week, if not more. Super yummy and probably my go-to comfort food. Ha! I knew there was a reason I loved your blog!

  • bp

    So this is how chatting with you over margaritas would be… definitely a nice direction for your Friday posts!!!!!

  • As of last night, bacon. We also made candied bacon last night. Changed lives.

  • Heather S. Hopkins

    Nice to know something about you food related. 🙂 I think this might be kind of like when I’m craving wings in Germany. They are boiled, tossed in ketchup and come with a mayo sauce they call blue cheese. Yes, they are as gross as they sound.

  • Nice! Did you eat it plain or with something else like ice cream?

  • : ) Great minds eat alike, huh?

  • Pretty much! : ) I’m glad you like the new direction.

  • That does sound gross. Are there any American restaurants who do it well there?

  • Just plain. We should sprinkle it on ice cream next time.

  • Agreed. I think I’ve heard of that flavor before. It sounds lovely.

  • I love this idea of sharing more about your life on Fridays. I make awesome nachos at home, and I pile them high with everything I love: tomatoes, beans, olives, guac, and vegan queso if I can find it.

  • Amazing! I want those NOW.

  • Nice! We are kindred spirits for sure.