Over the past few weeks I’ve spent several days helping a company in town and I have enjoyed stepping back from Jess LC and MML a bit. It was refreshing to work in a new place, meet new co-workers, and learn new skills. It was also an enlightening experience since it was the first non-entrepreneurship role I’ve had since 2007.

For the first time in years I was no longer the owner. I was the assistant to the assistants.

At first it was novel. Then it was terrifying. My quest to execute my role perfectly was stifling and made me uneasy as I was no longer in charge. I had a lot of questions, uneasiness, and stress. Apparently not being in charge has become more stressful for me than being in command.

Eventually I am happy to say that I relaxed into my role, became more familiar with the flow and required duties, and started to look at the company process as my own and regained my confidence.

But I cannot stress enough how enlightening the whole experience was for me.

Because even though I eventually found my groove and did a great job, I also saw how clearly what I do everyday with Jess LC and MML rocks.

I’ve been doing my own thing for so long that my awesome business has become my “daily grind.” Taking a step outside my career and trying something new for a few days shed light on why I am here at Jess LC and MML. And though at times (like today) I feel stressed and overwhelmed by aspects of my business, I also know I am a great fit and fulfilling my purpose.

So for those who are also fortunate to love what they do but need a fresh appreciation, I encourage you to leave your post for a few days and try something completely different via volunteering, interning, or serving a friend’s company. It may just remind you of why you love your job.


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  • How empowering! To both learn that you could succeed in a new and unfamiliar position, and also that you LOVE what you do best!

    Sounds like an all-around great experience to me 🙂

  • That’s really why I enjoy working a 9-to-5er AND doing freelance work. It mixes it up, allows me to meet new people and connect with different industries and bring new experiences to each different project that I do. Freelance work helps me to appreciate the security I have in my full-time job, and yet my full-time job always pushes me to keep doing work for myself through freelance opportunities. I was at a conference where Lisa Canning, an arts entrepreneur in the Chicago area, spoke about the value of being both an entrepreneur and an in-trepreneur. To be able to work for yourself and create opportunities for others AND to also contribute within the environment of someone else’s business are equally valuable traits that will help you in your career.

  • Caroline, thanks so much! Yes, it was a huge learning curve. I now know that I can always take a moment and step back and re-realize how perfectly I fit into where I am :).

    Bethany, what a great point! I love that idea of doing both all the time. And for those with day jobs it does make absolute perfect sense to do both… I gotta find ways to do the same myself a bit more than I do at the moment. I think volunteering might be a great way for me to do so.

  • That’s why I love volunteering!! 😀