perfectionism is a dream killer

January 7th, 2013   |   QuotableThink About It


Good morning! To kick off the week I’d like to share a quote by Mastin that stuck with me this weekend.

Wise words, Mr. Kipp.


PS – I (and by “I” I mean Mr. Lively) upgraded the comment section to better serve you. Now we can respond directly to specific comments. See you there!


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  • Such a great quote, and it is so very true!

  • Perfect way to start the week! 🙂

  • Rebekah

    I’ve found this to be very true in my life. I realized I couldn’t accept “good enough” and was unhappy. When I stepped back and really looked at my life, I realized that despite a tough year of loss and heartbreak, I was living exactly what I wanted, with the person I wanted, in the place I wanted. I’m hoping this feeling sticks. 🙂

  • Naomi

    Ah, so true! I can’t count the number of ways and times I didn’t end up moving forward on an idea because ‘it wouldn’t be perfect, and if I can’t do it perfectly I might as well not do it at all’. Snap out of it, Naomi!

  • Jess Lively

    I’ve had the same situation happen myself, I can totally relate, Rebekah!

  • Jess Lively

    I can totally understand where you are coming from. I know it can be hard, but try taking it one step at a time and realize that every step forward is better off than living in the land of “what if.” : )

  • Love me some Mastin! Did you see his post on love today?? It was excellent!

  • Jess Lively

    Not yet, heading over to read it now!

  • Erika

    Oh yes, and boy oh boy how I tried. Not only is it a dream killer, but it is painful and just plain wrong! Thank you so much for reminding me! How easily I forget.

  • This is so true. I feel like sometimes I wait until I have something perfect. But it never gets perfect, so I just end up giving up and ultimately giving into my fear of failure or whatever my fear may be at that moment. Even fear of success.

  • Jess Lively

    I’ve totally been there with you! Fear of success OR failure both leave us paralyzed.

  • Melissa

    Just made this my desktop background. I don’t want perfectionism, fear, or anything else to hold me back!

  • Great minds think alike. On New Year’s day I wrote this post: “Why I will not be striving for perfection in 2013 or How to be flawed and happy.”

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  • Suzanne Quaid

    Being a perfectionist myself, I agree, it’s definitely rooted in fear but I have to disagree with the word “trying”. I think perfectionists ARE doing their best only far too cautiously.

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