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December 30th, 2013   |   Think About It

I have a favor to ask of you in 2014:



{A gentle reminder from January 3rd, 2012}



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  • Word. Thank you for all your wonderful posts this year!

  • You are so welcome, Brittanny! Thank you for reading!

  • That is so great to hear! I hope you consider a future letter. ; )

  • Courtney Pilgrim

    Love this! I will be linking it on my blog @ if you don’t mind!

  • I’m glad you like it, Courtney! And thank you for sharing (crediting/linking back). : )

  • Perfect! Thanks for sharing.

  • You are most welcome, Nora!

  • awesome…very well said!

  • As usual, I love your reminders. “Be gentle” is my favorite thing to say to myself when I’m feeling stressed. 🙂

  • I’m glad you enjoyed it, Chymere! Happy New Year!

  • That is such a great mantra to have. Love it, Maureen!

    Happy new year. : )

  • Ness

    I love this, and it’s an idea I’ve been pondering recently. How do I balance striving for new goals personally and professionally with that total acceptance of where I am now. I haven’t worded that very well, but I guess the balance of being present while planning for the future and having goals.

  • That is so well said, I get exactly what you mean and I’ve spent the last seven years devoted to pursuing the answers to that question. In fact, I have an announcement next week about a secret project I’ve been working on that shares the approach I have discovered helps to resolve that tension between striving and acceptance. Stay tuned!

  • Katie

    I just found your blog recently and I’m so glad I did.

    This is wonderful and truly a wonderful guide for changing the focus to 2014. Thank you for these beautiful words, and I’ll look forward to more from you in 2014


  • Aw, that is so great to hear, Katie! I wish you so much joy and fulfillment in 2014!

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