Hi, I'm Jess.

For over a decade, I’ve worked online and in live events with a global community choosing to live a more joyful, trauma-free life. I’m also an iced tea-loving world traveler obsessed with consciousness, Quantum Mechanics, Law of Attraction and helping people connect to the guidance within them.

The Lively Show

The Lively Show is designed to uplift, inspire, and help you add a little extra presence to your everyday. With more than 13 million downloads, it is consistently ranked among the top podcasts in iTunes for Society & Culture, and is often spotted in the Top Charts overall.


Whether you are interested in neurology, Law of Attraction, manifestation, or consciousness, a variety of online classes are available to you based on Jess’ years of learning and applying these principles to her own life and the lives of over 6,000 online students worldwide.

Inner Voice Sessions

Over the past 10 years, Jess has developed her deep inner voice work to help hundreds of clients go beyond their mental thoughts and live as their own inner voice for up to two hours at a time. Now, she hosts Inner Voice Facilitator Training to teach others her approach and methodology.

Whether you are looking to become an Inner Voice Facilitator to create an Inner Voice Session online business, apply the Inner Voice training in your own existing coaching practice to expand your skillset, or to go deeper within your own Inner Voice as a passionate learner or parent, this program may be ideal for you.

Lively Community Foundation

The Lively Community Foundation is designed to uplift the emotional wellness in the world by connecting as many people as possible with transformational tools, education, and community.

The LC Foundation allows us to expand our company’s impact beyond the virtual classroom and podcast feed, as 10% of total revenue goes directly to the Foundation’s primary focus – helping individuals who have experienced deep trauma due to personal or global events. 

Since 2019, we have helped over 70 people release sexual, physical, mental, and emotional trauma and trauma due to Covid-19. 

Early Rising Voice Memos

A new way of sharing life updates & realizations and connecting with you on a deeper level through these raw, unedited voice messages.