10 reasons why you should join life with intention online + a free intention setting online class!


With Life With Intention Online starting next Monday (and registration closing on Wednesday at midnight), I’ve got two things I’d like to share with you today:

1.  10 reasons you should join Life With Intention Online (pay attention to #10!).

2. I’m teaching a FREE online Intention Setting class tomorrow (9/24) at 11a-noon CST / noon-1p EST.

 Here are the details for each:




1. Because you want to connect with a positive community.


The private LWIO community is the perfect place to ask questions, share your experiences, and join other members looking to form accountability partnerships, meet-ups, and mastermind groups focused on any area of life, career, or business.

As of Tuesday morning: We have 160 students (including new students and alumni) in the class and counting! 


2. Because you want to be more present, peaceful, and fulfilled.


LWIO is a comprehensive system that explains how to be fully present, prepare for the future, and find a sense of meaning at every stage of your life.


3. Because you want a practical system that’s easy to implement in all areas of your life.


This class lays out clearly (and visually!) a four step process that can be applied to any area of your life that you’d like to strengthen or that currently stresses you out.


4. Because you want learning to be fun.


The four module weeks include a bevvy of quick, engaging illustrated and live videos with corresponding workbooks for note taking that help bring these concepts to life in a simple, powerful way.


5. Because you want to go at your own pace.


Modules 1-3 include around 8-10 short videos and full length audio downloads so you can consume this content whenever you have a few minutes to spare, or whenever you like during the six week course (that includes two break weeks to help you accommodate your busy schedule).

Plus, you’ll have lifetime access to the materials to consume well after the six weeks have ended.


6. Because you want to save time.


The material presented in this course took me more than eight years to discover across many genres and combine into one cohesive system.

By taking this course, you get a shortcut to understanding and implementing universally true concepts that are being ignored by today’s common “success” and self-development teachings.


7. Because you want support and feedback.


Though I do still offer a limited amount of one-on-one clients, this course and community is the fastest, most affordable way to ask me questions and get feedback.


8. Because you want to go deeper.


Though there is a wide variety of free advice out there in the blog world, there is nothing that can replace the value and depth of a concentrated, six week course with an active community applying the concepts.

This class is where you stop reading and start living differently.


9. Because you want a good deal.


Though a handful of people with online courses who have told me that I should raise the price for the course, I am deeply devoted to bringing the best possible value to this course in this enrollment period.

Though prices may increase for the class in the future, this price is likely to be the lowest it will be going forward.


10. Because your gut says YES!


More than anything, I hope you take a moment to ask your intuition whether you should take this course.

If it says yes, register for class here!


>> Register for class here. <<



Tomorrow (9/24) I’m hosting a free online Intention Setting webinar!

If you want to learn how to set intentions for each area of your life using three simple strategies, join me from 11a-noon CST / noon-1p EST!



  • The three step process to properly set an intention.
  • How to use intentions to guide your choices and actions.
  • How to avoid the 3 most important pitfalls when setting your intentions.


To register for the free webinar, click the button and follow the instructions.


Please note: This class is a live class only and will not be re-aired or recorded.


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  1. Kristina

    Wow this is so exciting! I look forward to taking part in the webinar tomorrow! It’s not the right time right now for me to do LWIO so thank you so much for the opportunity to attend this webinar!

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