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I am amazed and excited by the outstanding response my annual letter post received earlier this week! I have been doing my best to answer the comments with actual emails, so please be patient if you commented and haven’t heard from me yet. I’m so excited for everyone who has written a “future letter” to themselves. Knowing from my own experience with the tradition, I’m sure many of you will be amazed by what you accomplish in 2010. And I will be sure to have a post next year where we can share our stories about our annual letters. It will be awesome.

Anyways, I thought you might be interested to hear some of my intentions for 2010. I debated about posting the full letter. But since it is an intimate exercise, I feel more comfortable sharing certain passages than others.

Here it goes:

Personal Growth

“Over the past year I have learned to balance my business and do things single tasking. I still check my email on my Blackberry, but I turn it off when I don’t need it, and I don’t check for the red blinking light all the time. I also keep my browser on one task at a time. I keep a single focus on whatever I am doing that moment and stay present.”

“I also recognize when I can control something and when I cannot, and work to be better at not worrying about that which I cannot control.”


“I have devoted myself to creating useful content that is more directly related to the themes of Makeunder and I have had a great response to “Think About It.” I have also loved being a part of Spring and we have grown that readership immensely.”

Jess LC

“As for Jess LC, well, I couldn’t be more excited. I have completely rebranded with a new logo, website, video on the site, color scheme, shopping cart, and new jewelry.”

“I interact with customers daily and enjoy all of the opportunities we have to work with other companies, and help people. Jess LC has also gotten a lot more exposure in the media on tv, print (Lucky, O, US Weekly, Real Simple, and Inc.). I have promoted myself to a higher level of business and enjoyed learning and growing.”


“I still live in my apartment with Erwin and we have finished decorating the bedroom. There are great night stands on each side of the bed with lamps and artwork is hung all over the apartment. I also use more cash and rarely use my credit card. Though there has been radical growth in the business and the blog, I have focused my personal sights on more qualitative than quantitative progress. I realize my best self is within myself.”

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  1. Jillian

    If you want to take your annual letter electronic, there’s a great site at http://futureme.org/ that will send your e-mail to you at a pre-set time. So, you can write an annual letter and they’ll send it to you in Jan. 1, 2011. Or you can have it sent to you soon if you want to remind yourself of your goals mid-year to keep yourself on track. I just stumbled across it and it looks fun.

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