2013 throw out 100 things challenge


As I mentioned in December, I did my annual “What I don’t want for Christmas” exfoliation after the holidays.

While exfoliating the apartment from top to bottom before New Years, I realized that I might actually have a “Throw Out” 100 Things Challenge on my hands.

Along the way, I piled the exfoliations to be photographed for the blog challenge in the back hallway.

Which means that for the past few weeks this eyesore has been whispering, “You have to photograph me before you can donate, recycle, or throw me away…” in a really creepy and annoying voice each time I walk back to the bedroom or the back door.

However, looking at my consulting schedule, upcoming workshops, design project, and Alt Summit trip over the next two weeks, the reality is that my time is better spent focused on those endeavors. So I’m ditching the traditional 100 Things photoshoot and simply recycling, donating, or throwing away these items now.

Quite honestly, Franklin is relieved.

He was concerned about how much longer I was going to leave all these awesome “toys” just out of his reach.

This also means my January wish is that you imagine how nice the 100 Things Challenge photoshoot would have looked with these items laid out precisely and documented properly, like past challenges.

That way I can get this stuff outta my house!


* The awesome brass trunk is not a part of the actual exfoliation. It’s in the photo because it became a perch for the exfoliations themselves.



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  1. Jen Serafini

    This is great!! I did this as soon as I got back from the holidays, but I might need to reach 100. It makes you feel so much better and way less cluttered!!

  2. I’ve been thinking about a closet clean-out recently, and this leaves me inspired to go ahead. Also, what an adorable picture of Franklin! Just a touch scraggly = so huggable.

    1. Jess Lively

      I agree! He’s so scruffy right now with his puppy hair but we love it so much we can’t bear to cut it… yet.

  3. Rachel

    I love a good cleaning out session. It’s weird, but it makes my home just feel so fresh.

  4. This is such a great ritual, it’s important to remember that we can live with less, and to only bring things into our homes that we truly love or actually need.

  5. Jenny

    you’ve inspired me! I’m almost half way through my 100 things to chuck out! now all I need is a few more hours in a day!

  6. That’s such a great idea! We have so much stuff we don’t actually need, it’s always just such a challenge for me to get rid of stuff; but I may have to try some sort of similar challenge sometime this year! You are quite the inspiration. 🙂


  7. I did a MAJOR closet clean-out yesterday. I wouldn’t be surprised if I got my 100 items just from that (though I didn’t bother to count). And of course, I’ve now resolved to be much more intentional about my wardrobe choice so I’ll never have to do a clean-out of that scale again!

  8. Totally understand your need to just get rid of the stuff, even though I’d have loved to see your stash (if only to get ideas about what else I can exfoliate!). I am going for 200 things, since it’s my first time doing this!

    1. Jess Lively

      Yeah, I’m sorry the time didn’t allow for shooting everything. But it sounds like your exfoliation was great!

  9. Miss B.

    Okay, Franklin may be one of the cutest dogs on earth! Sorry, I had to pipe up + congrats on the D*S mention!

    1. Jess Lively

      Thanks! We think so, too. (About Franklin, that is.)

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