TLS #258: Unexpected Changes In New Life in Sydney & How I’m Flowing with Them

Today on TLS, I’m sharing some unexpected personal changes that have flowed into my life just before my move to Sydney, along with how I’m flowing with them.

I’m also sharing how these changes are redirecting the course of my choices and actions going into this new season and chapter of my life – from how I’m decorating, to how I’m thinking about what is coming next for me professionally.

Plus, I’m going into my new perspective on decorating and possessions as I make this new move after living out of a suitcase for 20 months.

This episode is perfect for anyone curious to hear about my personal journey and thoughts on relationships, or for anyone curious about my current thoughts on minimalism and decorating.








  • Jess tells us more about her status at her new apartment in Sydney.

  • She talks about the pink sofa and what that means at this season of her life.

  • She discusses the concept of adding items in her house and life and how its great to start over.

  • Jess tells us the story how she manifested a year ago about being in her current situation in Sydney.

  • She talks about flowing from one experience to another experience.




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This Post Has 5 Comments

  1. Kim

    Malawi is a country in Africa 🙂 Love all these personal updates, enjoy this new phase of your adventure!

  2. Jennifer Schurer

    Oh my gosh. I totally resonate with the comment about buying things as needed and buying fewer items at higher quality. My partner is very much like the man you described in the podcast. Buy nice, not twice. Not many things. He has taught me that it sometimes makes more sense to buy just a few pans (like you said!!) rather than a big set that, yes, is a good price, but is not what you need or want!

  3. Kate Huentelman

    This was an amazing show Jess, thank you for your vulnerability and humility. Loving it xx

  4. KaleenasKaleidoscope

    Hi Jess, such a great show, thank you for sharing so openly and honestly! I can 100% relate with where you are in life in terms of wanting a family but not finding what you want, but still endeavoring to live life to the fullest in your 30s in an empowered and fulfilled way. You mentioned that you don’t seem to know of many women out there like that but there are SO many! Have you ever heard of the facebook group Girls Love Travel? In that group there are thousands of women who are very similar. I’d encourage you to check it out!

    In my 20s I moved abroad for 2 years and then spent 18 months traveling around the world, living out of my suitcase. I, too, was hoping to find a partner who would help me find a place to live and settle down. I found a man in New Zealand and lived there for a while, but in the end it didn’t work out and I was SO frustrated that my dreams kept slipping away from me. I moved back to the US at age 30; I was single, homeless, jobless, and broke. I landed on my feet and got the money stuff taken care of, but the family aspect still hasn’t come through. I’ll be 32 this coming year.

    But I have made a decision to not live my life around finding a partner, and this next year I am pursuing new and exciting dreams like becoming an aerial dance teacher and moving to Mexico to work on my Spanish! Yes, I deeply want a family and hope that I will find my partner sooner than later, but in the mean time I don’t want to focus on the negative energy of pining away; instead, I’m going to kick ass at life and I know, as you say, the universe will provide somewhere along the way. I just wanted to share in hopes that you could relate. 🙂 Best of luck with the new digs and please post a picture of that rad pink sofa! xx

  5. Tara Whelan

    Got to this episode a little late but am so glad that I finally did! Loved the bit about the future Prince Harry and how much it helps to know someone has been there before.
    I am 32 and been traveling for almost 6 years now, thinking that I would find my partner and home along the way… however am now realizing that I can do it on my own and am glad to hear your story as someone who is thriving. I’m now sick of the suitcase life and ready to make a home somewhere but still a but afraid to make the commitment as I’m not sure what is resonating best right now or where to focus my energy. I look forward to listening to more of your journey and getting more into alignment to figure it out. Thanks so much!!

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