Talk with Jess

This is an open-ended 90-minute session with Jess Lively! You can use this time to talk with Jess about anything…experiences you’re having with expanding consciousness, using your intuition to guide life and career changes, how to launch and grow a business or podcast intuitively, etc!

The LivINg Room

Funded by The Foundation, created by the community, for the community. The LivINg Room is the place to relax, deepen connection with the inner voice and let go of the mind, while connecting to like-minded people around the world. Enjoy regular drop-in classes, courses and inner voice-led conversations hosted by our certified Inner Voice Facilitators.

The Lively Shop

Whether you are interested in neurology, Law of Attraction, manifestation, or consciousness, a variety of online classes are available to you based on Jess’ years of learning and applying these principles to her own life and the lives of over 6,000 online students worldwide.


Join the Lively Community App

The Lively Community app (free to join) provides a space for fans of The Lively Show and Jess’ courses to connect — here you’ll have the opportunity to join groups around topics you choose, such as Jess’ Daily Updates, Books & Resources, “Super Woo,” Manifestation Magic and more! 

You can connect with other community members around the world — and plan meet-ups online or with those near you. And you’ll be the first to learn about upcoming events, courses, and new episodes of The Lively Show. 

You can download the app from the app store on your mobile device. 

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The Lively Show

The Lively Show is designed to uplift, inspire, and help you add a little extra presence to your everyday. With more than 13 million downloads, it is consistently ranked among the top podcasts in iTunes for Society & Culture, and is often spotted in the Top Charts overall.

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The "Flowing Up" Bundle

After five years of traveling the world, it’s time for Jess to share all the behind the scenes stories that she hasn’t mentioned on The Lively Show! Flowing Up is a 555 minute audio series detailing various aspects of her travel life with co-host and Team Lively videographer, Megan Sutherland. 

Flowing Up puts the whole wonderfully unimagined and unexpected journey into one cohesive series, broken down in 7 chapters and available to download to the device of your choice.

Free bonuses, including A Lively Adventure and a selection of mobile and desktop backgrounds, are also included!

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