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pvecarepackageOn Monday morning I found this lovely little bundle of cards and stationary from Patricia of PVE Design, the newest Makeunder sponsor. She also was one of the first interviewed for the DESGIN YOUR LIFE series, check out her intentions here. Not only is she a sweetheart and an incredibly talented artist, but she also has several drawings of Westies featured on her site. What’s more to love?

PS- For all Astor St. jewelry fans, hop over to {this is glamorous} for a chance to win the Astor St. Cluster Bib necklace. Good luck!

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  1. Aren’t her packages the best treat?! She is so wonderfully talented. And I just entered your giveaway. That might be my favorite necklace in your collection (and I love the whole collection).

  2. Camila

    Isn’t her stationary amazing. I was at her home in March and feel in love with it. She is just the sweetest person. Totally talented and so giving. I adore her. When I was at her she mentioned your site and I’m so happy that she did. I’m in love with the new Astor collection! I wish I had seen it sooner and added it to my birthday wish list. Perhaps this soon to be birthday girl will just have to treat herself!

  3. Kwana

    Lucky you. Just beautiful. Patricia is always so thoughtful and her artwork is just amazing. Loves Her!

  4. Jess

    @ all: I know! I was so excited when I saw it in the mailbox. Even her stamps (Bette Davis) were cool!

  5. Jess,
    You have really inspired me to work harder towards my dream business (which is a dream for me) to work for me, to love what I do and to carve out time to focus on my work, my business and to do is simply. I am proud to be a “sponsor” and need to begin my very own JessLC collection so that I can tell everyone about you. Word of mouth really is the best.
    Thanks for posting my little package. Glad you like the cards!

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