a life realignment

On Monday night I gave myself a life realignment.

Just like visiting a chiropractor to maintain an aligned spine, I think we sometimes need to “crack” our life back into place. I found myself over the past few weeks ever so slightly out of whack. My center was off. My priorities a bit murkier than normal. My effectiveness slightly compromised. I’ve been busy, but not always doing the things that are most important to me. My activities haven’t always aligned with my life intentions.

Though it could partially be a bit of the winter blahs, the culmination has made me feel off my game. I’ve watched more tv than read books. I’ve eaten more sweets than veggies. My workouts have been irregular. My sleep has been insufficient.

I think most of us go through this every so often. And the tricky part is snapping out of the funk to start making positive changes that reflect our truest selves, our potential, our intentions.

In these cases I think a life realignment is called for.

My own realignment was an informal journal entry with a to-do list at the end. But there is no right or wrong way to do a life alignment. It really comes down to reflecting on what actions or habits are disagreeing with our intentions and then committing to the changes we need to make. It’s like we’ve already written our DESIGN YOUR LIFE manifestos, and we just need to redirect our actions to reflect those intentions once more.

After my 20 minute reflection I had a to-do list that looked like this:

  • Keep a food journal for a week – This is so that I can begin to return my attention to my hunger cues rather than eating unconsciously.
  • Throw out 50 things – My apartment was getting a bit too full, so I implemented my handy 50 Things strategy to lean out the space (more details on this to come).
  • Launch the I Love You necklace -This new necklace needed to be launched in time for Valentine’s Day. No more delays!
  • Cook a healthy dinner for Mr. Lively and myself – Time to eat those veggies!
  • Find a yoga studio – I promised myself this holiday season I’d start doing yoga again. It’s time to make that happen.
  • Have dinner with a family member – I’ve been putting off making a simple call to see someone I love.
  • Make peace with a friend – I needed to put a strained friendship back on my radar and let water flow under that proverbial bridge.
  • Do laundry and errands – It’s time that I had a fresh stash of socks and new body wash.

All of these loose ends were weighing me down. After putting them to paper I promptly accomplished several in just a few hours. The rest have been done throughout this week. And just as I suspected, I’m starting to feel more like my old self, my intentional self. Though there is still work to be done, I’m well on my way.

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  1. Jill

    I love this Jess… and need to do the same thing! I have a to-do list that is weighing my mind down and instead of doing it, I’m doing other things. Which only makes the matter worse… tonight I hope to set some time aside to figure out what’s next and start taking the right steps. I always love your inspiration!

  2. I attribute my January funk to the “winter blues.” A couple years back I combated it by engaging in one artsy/creative project per week. It aligned me right up.

    So excited your exfoliation journey is kicking back up. I really enjoy that series and your organization suggestions. I am a clutter reduction fanatic!

  3. Sara

    I try to do this at least every Sunday, but oftentimes it’s every other. Having a to-do list like this totally keeps me on track, as it gives me that center place to go back to and remind myself what I should be doing! Great post 🙂

  4. Cindy

    I love this! Around this time I like to call it spring cleaning–not just around the home, but cleaning out the stress that’s weighing me down. Your list is fantastic and I think I need to go do a 50 things challenge asap!

  5. Gina

    Food journal is also on my to-do list! I eat healthy {most of the time} just tooooo much of everything. I want to keep my calorie intake in check so I can lose a bit of weight this year.

    Great list, Jess!

  6. Your posts are always so spot-on! It’s always good to take a strategic pause and make sure that your intentions are aligned with your actions. It’s so easy to get off track when life sometimes ‘gets in the way.’ You’ve inspired me to make my own ‘to-do’ list this weekend!

  7. Liz

    Jess–thanks for sharing these thoughts. I too have been feeling a bit “off” lately but had no idea what to do about it. The notion of realignment is exactly what I need. I’ve lost sight of my intentions and need to take the time to focus on how my priorities reconnect with them. Thank you!

  8. As always, you’ve got it.

    I have Big Plans for this year…but I’ve yet to really start on them. And then ongoing inner dialogue is all-day-every-day, fighting with myself. Instead of having an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other, I have my True Self (gorgoeus & perceptual that she is!) on one shoulder and on the opposing shoulder sits Lazy-Stuck-in-her-Ways-Me, always convincing me that it’s just soooo much easier to keep doing what I’m doing (which by the way, is NOTHING!)

    I believe that I have already made the To Do list… I now need to TAKE ACTION.

    p.s. Can’t wait for the 50 Things Challenge. : )

  9. Sara

    Very important to realign yourself! Your throw away 50 things is a great idea. I’ve thinking of implementing a 15-min rule on myself, where I take 10-15 min everyday to clean *something* in my house, whether its straightening something, hanging up clothes, or cleaning the sink 🙂

  10. Alicia

    Check out TruHarmony Yoga in Chicago, I really liked taking classes with Heather when I lived up there.

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