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As you can see, I’ve decided to spread a little yellow sunshine on MML for the summer. Though I loved the orange through the fall and winter, I’m craving something a little more light and airy. The only item I wasn’t able to switch over to the new color scheme is the tabbed widget on the right-hand side which is still burnt-orange. Anyone know how to find the editing for this color option? I’ve been searching on the back-end of wordpress.org in the css files for about 45 minutes…

I also did a little dusting on other pages on the site including adding a bit more background and story on the About Page and I finally updated my blogroll as well (though I don’t have time to comment on many [if any] blogs, I do read quite a few each day).

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  1. Hey Jess, do you have Firebug? (you can download it here: http://getfirebug.com/) That’s what I use when I can’t figure something like this out! You can use the little “inspect” button to point at any part of your web page, and it will show you the html and css. I just pointed at that orange button with firebug, and I think this is the css you want:

    .ui-tabs li.ui-tabs-selected a {
    background: #F86B25;

    #F86B25 is the current color, just swap that for your new color code…at least, I think that’s it! Love the yellow!

  2. Very cute and matches your sweater in your profile pic!

    Maybe there is a way you can search the css for the code/# of the orange color (if you know what it is)? The long way to do this would be to download your files and search the txt document, or try searching in your FTP if wordpress doesn’t have a search option there… never tried it so just guessing! Good luck!

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