a new perspective on moving

Good afternoon! I hope you had a great weekend. Mine was filled with planning Erwin’s surprise birthday party. It did turn out to be a surprise (thankfully) but unfortunately I didn’t whip out the camera, so I don’t have any photos to share.

Several people that came asked me to post a few of the recipes that I used, including the Jalapeno Popper Spread and Cookie Dough Ice Cream Cake. Both were easy to make with few ingredients.


A New Perspective on Moving

This weekend Erwin and I also ordered our new sectional for the apartment we’re moving into next Sunday (!!). I’ve also been ruminating on what I want to exfoliate before I move. I thought about doing a Throw Out 100 Things challenge or something similar. But then I realized, I was looking at the move backwards.

I really should think about “What do I want to bring to the new place? Which of my possessions fit the vision I have for the new space?” And then the challenge is to only bring those items that match the new space, the new vision. So instead of planning on bringing everything, I’m going to start compiling all of the things that I want to bring. After I have everything separated this way, the things that aren’t in the “want to bring” pile are getting exfoliated. End of story.

Sure, my space will not be exactly the way I want right away, but over time I’ll have the resources to fill the new space with the rest of the items I want. And this way I’m not dragging things to the new space unconsciously, without an intention to use them.

I’m pretty pumped about this new paradigm. I’ll let you know how it goes. Anyone else done something similar?

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  1. This is so helpful! Thanks, Jess! I’d been stressing about our move to the island. Not because we’re moving into a smaller space – because we’re not- but because we can’t afford to ship anything across the country. So we’ve agreed to only bring what can fit in our car. And with the three of us (Me, Bob & Pablo (the Pug) we don’t have a ton of room left.

    And we’ve already gotten rid of so much! So I’ve been stressed.

    This turnaround in thinking helps tremendously. What fits our vision of our new life in this house on the island? Well, that’s something we can create and get behind.


  2. i LOVE this idea. My hubby and I will be making a move sometime next year; will so have to try this. 🙂 Hope I “win” something from your exfoliation – you have the greatest stuff.

  3. That’s such a great way of looking at it! Because when you try to throw stuff away, there’s always that “Oh, but I might use this…”

  4. Jill

    It is a great way of looking at it! When we moved a couple years back from our very first house we rented a dumpster and just threw a ton of junk away. It felt SO good – things we had been holding onto since college for no reason, etc. Made the move so much better to not have to haul “junk” around. I love how you have to reserve the elevator (did that once in a condo too! It and the “loading dock”!) Good luck moving!

  5. Arual

    I just moved this past weekend…AND that is exactly how I worked it. Your blog inspired me to start exfoliating. And when I knew I was moving, I decided to make my new house the beginning of my redesigned fabulous life. While packing, I literally would look at each item and ask myself if it fit what I imagined my life to be like. Even the slightest hesitation and it was gone! I feel much lighter even though I still seem to have a lot of stuff! 🙂 And I am ready to begin a new chapter, right at the beginning of the “new” year 🙂

    Thanks for creating such an inspiring, awesome blog that keeps me thinking about living with intention and being in control of the life I choose to design 🙂

  6. Kelley

    I love your perspective on this. I don’t plan to move anytime soon, but if I do, I’ll remember your blog post and look at it as a chance to begin with a brand-new slate.

  7. Heidi

    I love this perspective. I used it when I moved to Europe last year and left most of everything I owned behind in a storage unit or donated it to charity. It’s remarkable how much I’ve learned to live without and how little I miss most of my things! Good luck with your new space filled to the top with the bits of life you love most.

  8. Smart move to take only what you need and want. We are about to embark on a renovation and part of it is out of wanting to streamline. Although we will be adding more space, we will also look to streamline. I always think of this as an opportunity to a fresh start, like a clean canvas.

  9. Anne

    I’m moving in less than a week (eek!) but you’ve definitely inspired me to pare down my things. I got rid of a bunch of books, but I don’t feel sad about it at all. And yesterday I cleaned out my desk– why did I have all those old users manuals? I feel so much better about what I’m keeping and what I’m ditching.

    I think I’m going to freecycle the stuff I can’t use. I do want to see it go to a good home!

    Good luck w/ your move!

  10. It’s so important to think about these things. Too often we just lug around our things, just because they’re ours!

    Good luck 🙂

  11. Jess

    @ Stephanie: SO glad it is helping you out too! I can imagine it’s got to be hard to decide what stays and goes. As long as Pablo is there, everything will be all right (I wish I had a puppy of my own…).

    @ Lauren: Stay tuned! The stuff from today already got claimed, but there will be more to come, I’m sure of it.

    @ Michelle: Exactly! That’s what I found myself doing earlier.

    @ Jill: Hah, yep. The elevator reservations have been tricky to align, but I think we’ve figured it out. I hope. That’s Erwin’s big job.

    @ Arual: Oh gosh, SO glad to know how much you are liking the blog and how well you stuck to your vision! I think you’re inspiring me to go even further with my own edits! Thank you.

    @ Kelley and PVE: Yep, so true. Fresh canvas for a fresh start.

    @ Heidi: Europe! I wish I had a reason to store things for that reason. I can imagine you had to do some serious exfoliating.

    @ Anne: I totally have those user manuals too, even though I’ll never use them. Good call.

    @ K: I know, I think we think in terms of straight lines, like stuff is on a time line of “not our’s” to “our’s forever.” In reality the life cycle of stuff sometimes is complete in our possession and sometimes it needs to be passed on to someone new.

    @ All: Thank you for such great feedback, it feels great to know when I stick to my main purpose – talking about getting rid of stuff, that you all enjoy doing it as well!

  12. Rebecca

    There is certainly something to be said for moving! It forces one to purge and i love it!!

    Glad the party was fun and good luck getting everything together to move. I am looking forward to some photos!


  13. Janna

    Wow, what a GREAT way to look at it. I just came across your blog, and am already loving it. 🙂

  14. Kiki

    This is the exact approach that hubby and I are taking on our upcoming move. We’ll be leaving a lot behind, but it’s “stuff” that we’ve accumulated that has served its purpose. We’ve decided that we don’t want our first home filled with things we don’t love. Since we’re first-time homebuyers, we qualify for the tax credit and will be using that money to replace some of the things we’re leaving behind.

    I try to approach my life from a green point of view, so it’s hard rationalizing buying a new dining room table when I already have a dining room table that I just don’t love anymore. With this in mind, I’m going to try to repurpose as much as I can. I may not love my current dining room table for our new dining room, but after repainting the legs and refinishing the butcher block top, it will make a perfect cutting table for my sewing studio.

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