a pocket full of posies for less than a pocket full of change

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This is the coolest trick ever. Okay, maybe not the coolest, but way up there. Up there with turning a tangelo into a dessert bowl. It’s that cool.
Here is the deal: every two weeks I shop at Trader Joe’s for groceries and I struggle to determine whether or not it is worth buying fresh cut flowers. On the one hand, they are beautiful and will enhance my space, my mood, and Erwin might like them too. On the other hand, they are semi-expensive for something I don’t “need” and only last about a week. [Side note: I also have similar silent debates about manicures, but that is a whole different post.]During my most recent bi-weekly T.J. trip I discovered a solution to my internal dialogue. I found a bouquet of various flowers for $3.99 (they were aptly named the “Consumer’s Bouquet” for like minded individuals trying to save cash). When I got them home and started rummaging for a vase, I realized I didn’t have one large vase, but rather several small vessels. Eureka!
Take a look at how the $3.99 bouquet has been divided and conquered- bringing cheer and color to four areas of my apartment. By splitting up the bouquet I now have four punches of color for a buck each. Not too shabby.

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  1. K*Rock

    so i did this splitting of the bunch concept for my ‘white party’… except instead of cute little vases, i used empty alcohol bottles! 3 daisies in a jack daniels bottle is mega cute!

  2. citysage

    Smartest idea ever! Really really clever Jess. I’m SO going to do this as I am totally familiar with the flowers/manicure should I/shouldn’t I debate. what a great solution to my mundane yet nagging problem!

    and as for the manicure issue, I am constantly growing out my nails and telling myself that THIS time I’ll go get them done, only to chop them all off when I can’t stand the length but can’t bring myself to pay for the treatment. Oh, and doing it myself isn’t an option—you do NOT want to see me try to paint my right hand with my left…

  3. Anonymous

    Hey Jess – it’s Laina (I know I have been awful about keeping in touch, but now that I’m back from the U.K. I am going to attempt to get back on the face of the earth that I dropped off of for a while…anyway)… I recently moved into a new apartment with a roommate in Charlotte and have been wanting to add some more color to it. The living room area is quite large and we have 2 couches, a love seat, and a chair and ottoman all in a very neutral beige color (combined both our living rooms into one) so adding flowers will definitely help add some more color and life to the room. I love love love this idea. She has a bunch of vases of all different sizes and I am definitely going to do this around our place soon. You always were good at coming up with cute little clever things like this.

    Also – FYI I am trying your spinach recipe that is on here tonight – very excited. It looks/sounds really good. Probably going to add some chicken and/or pasta to it since I need a little extra filling in there after a work out. ūüôā

    Thanks for all the awesome ideas – I will be emailing or calling you soon for a waaaaaaaaaaay overdue catch-up.

    P.S. I have started a new plan with my friend, which I named the 3-4-5 plan and I am excited to tell you about it!

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