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A few months ago, I shared a new gray rug for the bedroom that I considered returning. As many of you wisely suggested, it was a bit much for the room when paired with the bright blue curtains and metallic wallpaper.


RugInBedroomAnd though did I plan to return it, I got so busy that I never took the time to send the rug back and find a suitable replacement.

One day I may sell it or move it to another space, but thanks to some simple bedding updates the rug doesn’t look quite as overbearing anymore.



Removing the faded striped sheets and discolored gold trimmed throw pillows means that the rug and wallpaper are the only patterns now — which makes the room feel much calmer overall.

To maintain interest with the solid bedding, I added texture via the throw pillows.


Enter: Emily and Meritt gold sequin pillows (tip: The covers are pretty reasonably priced and you can get inexpensive pillow inserts for these pillow covers at Jo-Ann).

Don’t they look eerily similar to my beloved gold shoes?


As for the duvet cover, I simply swapped the duvet in the guest room with the master duvet to add more texture at the foot of the bed. WhiteTuftedDuvetThen there are the sheets. I would qualify these bamboo viscose sheets from Nine Space as my first ‘fancy sheet set’ that I’ve ever owned.


And I’m hooked.

They are so soft that they make getting into bed a pleasure… and getting out of it just a little more difficult.


So what do you think? Is the room looking more balanced now that the bedding is simplified?


This post is sponsored by Nine Space (c/o the incredibly soft white sheets) – and they are giving 20% off their entire store to JessLively readers until 11/26! Use the code LIVELY20 to get the discount on their (beautiful) home goods. 

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  1. Thanks, Saz! I agree, those blue curtains (though they aren’t for everyone) are so special. They pair to the blue in my shoes in a photo above the dresser perfectly.

    1. I know, right? Those sequin pillows are awesome (particularly for the holidays). I’m happy to hear you think the rug is a bit more toned down now, too. : )

  2. Love the new bedding. Those pillows are the perfect about of shiny and the duvet adds just the right amount of texture. Still don’t like the rug, but you’re right that it doesn’t overwhelm the space anymore.

    1. I’m glad you like the updated bedding, Jacqueline!

      And I agree, when I’m ready to make any more changes I will be starting with the rug most likely.

  3. Chicspace/Marguerite

    I always liked that rug! YAY THIS LOOKS GREAT!

  4. Clara

    I love the new look! I’m in the market for new sheets…may have to try those Nine Space ones 🙂 xx

    1. I totally recommend them. They are SO soft. I also like that it saved me a headache at someplace like Bed Bath and Beyond not having to figure out thread count and that kind of thing. They are just simply great, high quality sheets- so now I don’t have to second guess myself or worry about maximizing the purchase.

  5. hithaonthego

    Echoing what Clara said – really love the new look! And those sheets! Those may have to be a gift to ourselves this holiday season 🙂

    1. Thanks, Hitha! I totally scond the sheets, too. They are so soft – and I’ve found that after having them for a few weeks I think they get even better as you use them. They start off great, but once you’ve used them for a bit they are noticeably even better.

      Thinking about them makes me want to go back to bed right now.

  6. Rachel

    I think it looks much more calm and polished! Very pretty!

  7. Ashley Laabs

    Thanks for the Nine Space tip! Looking to get out of my IKEA funk. Currently obsessed with West Elm, and of course there’s Crate & Barrel, CB2, Pottery Barn…found a couple of small sites I like online…do you have any faves for finding modern pieces?

    1. For finding modern furniture pieces?

      Hmm… I like going on the good ol’ craigslist for my furniture if it isn’t from West Elm, Ikea, or a thrift store. But depending on where you live, Craigslist can be hit or miss.

      1. Ashley Laabs

        Not necessarily for furniture. But things like rugs/pillows/bedding/decor. Just kind of tired of looking at the big box stores.

        1. Ah, well Nine Space definitely is a good place. I also have a striped throw blanket from there that is super soft and looks great (I’ll be posting about it in a few weeks).

          As far as hard goods go, I love thrift stores and flea markets (though modern can be tricky to find there). Soft goods I tend to lean towards the West Elms and other places you mentioned, too.

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