a thanks-filled november


Now that November is upon us, I definitely have the holidays in mind. Partly because Mr. Lively and I are hosting our extended families for a huge Thanksgiving weekend. It’s going to take a few weeks of prep for the four nights of entertaining… starting very soon.

But beyond the logistical aspects of this unusually epic holiday season, I also want to experience the essence of what the holidays stand for in a greater way.

Which is why I’ve created an intention to thank one person each day of November for the impact they have had on my life. This daily “thanksgiving” ritual, I hope, will help me keep my eye on the real prize this month: giving thanks.

Right now I don’t have a full list of people in mind. I’m simply going to take it one day at a time and reach out in an email or letter to a different person who has helped me become who I am today as a person, business owner, and friend.

I’ll be reporting back here in a month to fill you in on how the experience went (yay for accountability). And of course, I invite anyone else who is also hoping to seek the intention of Thanksgiving to join me.

I’d love to hear how this intention affects your life and holiday season, too.


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  1. Amy

    I’m doing a similar challenge: http://amy-estes.com/write/note-project/

    I recently did a 21 day “no complaining” challenge with my yoga studio, and while I recognize that not complaining forever is impossible, showing gratitude and joy on a daily basis is not. This is one way I’m trying ūüôā

  2. Jacki

    I’d love to join you in this intention, Jess!

    Today, I’ll start by thanking you for this blog. Your writing has made a difference in my life. The idea of living an intentional life was new to me when I first began reading what was then MML. I needed that concept, and I needed the words of someone who was doing it to help me get and stay on track. You continue to inspire me!

  3. Alyssa

    This is a fantastic idea Jess! What a great way to practice gratitude. I’m doing a couple other personal “challenges” this month (restarting the happiness project and taking Ashley Ambrige’s Clients + Cash course) and think I might as well add this one as well.

    By the way, weird coincidence, but I have the Domino and Design*Sponge books stacked in the same order on my coffee table!

  4. You just inspired me to start this very thing. I just penned out a short but sweet e-mail to a dear friend of mine, thanking her for her influence in my life.

    And thank you! =)

  5. Emily

    What a perfect way to celebrate the holiday season, I grabbed some thank you cards and my address book to start writing some notes during my down time today (working the polls in NC, get out and VOTE everyone!!!).

    As always, thanks for the reminder to appreciate those around me!

  6. what a beautiful idea. you inspire me daily, in business, in life, in love, etc.

    and, incidentally (and unimportantly) i own that same, sweet little bird. seeing it in your picture/home has prompted me to try to remember where i bought it…and i can’t!!

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