TLS #241: Taking Law of Attraction to the Next Level with Aaron Doughty

Today I’m flowing in the French Riviera with an Abraham Hicks cruise! In honor of this very exciting new adventure with one of my favorite sources of inspiration and learning, Abraham Hicks, I’ve asked YouTuber and Law of Attraction teacher, Aaron Doughty, on the show.

Aaron’s videos caught my eye one day while surfing YouTube a few months ago –I loved his energy, alignment, and perspectives on consciousness. So I’ve asked him on the show to discuss our very favorite shared topic: the Law of Attraction (LoA)!

In the episode, we discuss Aaron’s difficult childhood and the many stages he’s gone through when applying the LoA to his life. Plus, I share my own question I would love to ask Abraham in the hot seat while on this cruise!

This episode is perfect for anyone looking to apply the Law of Attraction in their life in a deeper way, or for anyone interested in hearing about how someone with a difficult childhood used the LoA to design a life they love.






  • Aaron tells us how being exposed to The Secret at an early age allowed him to let go of much resentment he had while growing up in a divorced household.

  • He talks about how he reframed the label of having ADHD and used meditation practice to balance his energy.

  • Aaron discusses his current work and how it involves understandings of self-image.

  • He tells us how learning from Bashar has been a positive influence in his life by his consistency of information.

  • Aaron reviews the many ways he processes the teachings and information, which is mainly through books and audio books.

  • He describes the stages he went through as he began to apply these teachings in his life and career.




The Secret

Abraham Hicks

Marisa Peer

Aaron’s YouTube Channel

Bashar channeled by Darryl Anka

Think And Grow Rich

Earl Nightingale

Feeling Is The Secret

The Master Key System

David R. Hawkins

The Lively Show with Faiz Nazarali





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