Hi, I'm Jess (but I go by the name Bella now).

Welcome to my online home! I’m glad you’re here.

Growing up in Michigan, I was given the typical “work hard, play hard” approach to achievement and success. But after feeling miserable living out this approach personally, I promised myself to find an alternative way to live that felt easier, joyful, and fulfilling. I also knew that once I discovered such an approach, I wanted to share what I found with others. 

I started exploring these topics through blogging in 2009-2014, and then via The Lively Show podcast beginning in 2014. The podcast journey alone has been immense: First podcast interviews with thought-leaders such as Brené Brown, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Elizabeth Gilbert. Then exploring beyond the mind with The Collective channeled by Annie Franceour, and diving into The Law of Attraction, neurology, and quantum mechanics… And more recently into consciousness and non-duality.

Along the way, I discovered the incredible power of the intuition, and how to translate our inner knowings into what I call our “Inner Voice.” After a decade of working with my own inner voice and helping thousands of clients access their own, the Lively community asked me to start an online school to train and certify them in my approach, and Inner Voice Facilitator Training (IVFT) was born. So far, 174 Inner Voice Facilitators worldwide have completed certification and are running their own Inner Voice Facilitation businesses, or merging the training into various careers and their personal lives.

If your intuition feels it’s a fit, I hope you enjoy diving into The Lively Show, our online classes, join IVFT, or finding an Inner Voice Facilitator to guide you to your own inner wisdom!

About the Lively Show

The Lively Show is designed to uplift, inspire, and help you add a little extra presence to your everyday. With more than 15 million downloads, it is consistently ranked among the top podcasts in iTunes for Society & Culture, and is often spotted in the Top Charts overall. Over the past 370+ episodes, we have covered a lot of ground! Episodes #1 through #200 feature amazing thought-leaders, such as Elizabeth Gilbert, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Brené Brown. If your interests lie along the Law of Attraction and energy spectrum, I recommend starting with episodes #214 to #218. And if you are interested in inner voice work and consciousness, click over to episode #305Or, let your intuition guide you to the one that’s right for you!

Lively Community Foundation

The Lively Community Foundation (2018-2022) was designed to uplift the wellness in the world by connecting as many people as possible with transformational tools, education, and community. The Emotional Wellbeing Brigade (EWB) program focused on the transformation beyond trauma by providing 25 grants for individuals to be trained in RTT, a hypnotherapy healing modality. The EWB also connected those ready to release trauma with RTT therapists for 500+ free sessions. In 2022, The LivINg Room was created as a platform to pay certified Inner Voice Facilitators to teach online inner voice classes to the public free of charge. Currently, we are designing a “LivINg Room Library” resource portal, so the public will have access to the 150+ class recordings in March, 2023. 

Inner Voice Sessions

Inner Voice Sessions are designed to take you beyond the mind’s perception of your life – it allows you to receive the perfect guidance, next steps, and unwavering peace available within you… for you! Graduates of Inner Voice Facilitator Training offer a variety of sessions, from classic, to RTT combo, to business coaching, and more. Find a facilitator that feels like the right fit for you.



Before flowing into the Business + Community Manager role, I’d been involved in the Lively community as a listener of The Lively Show for many years. Flow with Intention was my first investment in personal development. It impacted my way of viewing the world so much that I’ve never looked back!

Following Jess’ journey has been such an inspiration in my own life and through following my alignment and inner voice, I trained as a Life Coach before exploring the world of Social Media Coaching and Online Business Management, which led me to become part of Team Lively. I’m so thrilled to be part of the team and contribute to the magic that Jess has already created in the world.


With a passion for wellness since I can remember, I’ve worked with various nonprofits on bettering external environments in order for communities to thrive. However, a journey into exploring consciousness led to a deeper understanding of where true wellbeing lies. This realization shifted my focus from the external to the internal. I even wrote a book for children on the difference between their heart (or intuition) and mind, inspired by Jess’ course, Magic Not Manual. As the Foundation was created upon the recognition of everyone’s inherent wellbeing regardless of past or current experiences, it has been highly aligning being involved in the expansion of the work and helping grow its impact!


After training to be a classical ballet dancer and then flowing through an illness that led me from nursing school, to psychology, to graphic design, Jess’ voice has guided me through the peaks and valleys of life. Since becoming a Lively Show listener back in 2015, I have followed Jess’ journey with joy and inspiration as her teachings sparked new passions in my life. It is truly a dream come true to step into my role here on Team Lively. It is such a joy to work with such inspiring women, and to give back to a community that has been such a huge part of my own journey!