TLS Mini Edition: an awesome (free) tool for habit change


Today I’m sharing the newest and most effective tool I’ve found – so far – for making new habits stick.

This tool is totally free and can be used for almost any habit change you can imagine!









  • The happy outcome of getting coffee for the first time with Lively Show guest Kelly Krause.
  • Why forming an accountability partner with someone we don’t know very well can be a good idea.
  • The super simple format of an accountability partnership.
  • Specific areas perfect for accountability partnerships.
  • A great accountability area for moms.
  • Three places to find an accountability partner.




Facial massage video

Kelly Krause on The Lively Show









PS – Leave a comment below if you’d like to find a new accountability partner in a specific area!

You are encouraged to share the focus are you would like a partner for, a little bit about yourself (if you like), and a social media handle/website link so potential partners can contact you beyond the comment section.

Or, consider forming a mastermind group with multiple people!


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  1. Katie

    I love this! I started going on walks with a new friend to talk business and give our dogs some exercise. It was a great way to get of the house for both of us since we’re solopreneurs. That was almost 2 years ago and we still meet once a week. We’ve since become best friends and business partners. This is hands down one of the best ways to move forward with goals you’re resisting.

    1. Tomissa Porath

      I’m also looking for someone, Flannery. You can find me at ( and on social media at @_shelovedlife!

    2. Hey lady! I’m obsessed with your closet makeover!! Love the colors and textures in your wardrobe. : )

  2. tammie

    i’d love to find an accountability buddy in the NJ/NY area (or someone who wants to meetup online) i’m an artist, illustrator and mom of 3. i would like a buddy who encourages me to get my art out into the world. i’d love to help hold you accountable to your big dreams and goals too! my site is

    1. tammie

      i found someone local after talking about this post. thank you jess!

  3. What a great idea! I’d love an accountability partner for getting my blog rolling. It’s a dream of mine and I’m a WRITER professionally in the day so you think it’d be a breeze to get motivated to start, but I haven’t 🙁 Also, trying to motivate myself to loose a few pounds before my sisters wedding and to create a healthy exercise habit. I’d be open to a partner for either or both! 🙂

  4. Julee Kim

    OMG..instead of working on my illustrations at home, I am spending all my time looking for an ultimate cute running outfit, hoping it will inspire me to get in shape. LOL. Anyone in NYC?

      1. Julee Kim

        NYC is great. I just took a walk around the creepy park near my apt after being inspired by this podcast. : )

  5. maura

    Anyone in Portland, Oregon looking for an accountability partner? We could meet at so many yummy coffee spots and bakeries!

    1. Emily R

      I’m in Portland, Maura! And I’ve been really wanting an accountability partner in my life!

      1. maura

        So excited Emily! I just sent an email to your awesome studio.

        1. Emily R

          Eee! I’m excited! Sorry I’ve been babysitting for a friend all morning, I’m going to write back to your email right now! 😀

  6. I have a small mastermind group and an accountability partner and they are so amazing. They both have been a great addition to my life! Great recommendation Jess!

  7. Anita

    Great podcast! I would love to have an accountability partner in the VA/DC area or online. I’m a designer and party planner who’s open to inspiring/encouraging someone to accomplish their business goals– I’m looking for a buddy to help me jump start my blog! My website is

  8. Hi! I’m based in Durham NC and am looking for a blog accountability partner. I am the founder of nido, a new coworking and childcare cooperative – I would like to get a blog going to contribute to the identity of the coop. I am also starting a personal blog to chronicle my journey and development as a leader – this is a new role for me, so I am doing lots of inner work in order to show up as my best self. I’d prefer a local accountability partner, but online could be great, too!

    1. Hi Tiffany, perhaps Cat from Scotland (below) might be a good fit? You may be working on slightly different areas but could maybe help one another anyways??

    2. Tiffany, I to am trying to get motivation to start a blog in hopes that it will eventually lead to full-time freelance writing and selling my illustrations. If you’d be up for a partner that’s in North Dakota and off-topic from yours I’d be open! 🙂

  9. Sarah

    I love this idea! I’m in Austin, TX….anyone looking to form a group?

    1. Great idea! If you form one, feel free to share the details here for anyone else who’d like to join. : )

    2. Amy Minor

      Hi Sarah! This is a little delayed, but I also live in ATX, and would be interested in being part of an accountability group or partnership, even just online! I have been trying to write blog content for a website that it just waiting on me to launch for a few months and am about to start a new job, so these are just a few areas I have on my radar. Please let me know if there’s room for me!

  10. Cat

    This mini edition came out at such perfect timing for me – I have just started meditating and would love to find an accountability partner to encourage me to make time for mediation every day. I am based in Angus, Scotland, but if anyone wants to be online partners then that would be great! 🙂

    1. I hope you find a buddy, Cat! And please feel free to reach out to someone who has already commented here, too. : )

  11. Emily Dutt

    I would love to find an accountability for working out/eating healthier – either in the Baltimore/DC area or online! Reach out to me on twitter, @emilydutt 🙂

    1. Love it! If you don’t find someone for the same life area, please consider reaching out to someone on this thread that wants a different focus, you can each keep one another accountable with different areas. : )

  12. I’ll be your buddy 🙂 I’m also needing accountability making pitches. I’m wanting to get more into commercial photography. I have a lot of ideas for approaching local companies about doing photography for them but I’ve yet to do it. I’d love accountability with this and other aspects of my career pursuits. I’ll find your email on your blog but wanted to post here as well in case there are more people with similar goals.

    1. I actually am a full-time writer wanting to pitch stories more to try to do freelance writing full-time as well as start a blog and illustration business. I’d love to join you ladies in accountability! 🙂

  13. I just finally got around to listening to this podcast and it is SUCH a fabulous idea!
    I’m looking at making myself more accountable in 2015 and what a perfect way to do this. I have a photography blog that started out just as a hobby but now over the last 4-6months I’ve been getting quite a bit of work out of it.
    As I work full time, it is really important that I manage my time correctly to juggle both of these things! I’m also in the process of redesigning my website to make it more professional rather than just a blog page, so lots going on as we wrap up 2014.
    I’m based in Sydney, Australia and would love to reach out to anyone in person or online if anyone might be interested? My website is 🙂

  14. Anne Marie Kellner

    I know I am SUPER late to the party but if anyone is looking for an accountability partner find me on fb anne marie kellner 🙂

      1. Anne Marie Kellner

        No luck yet, but feel free to send them my way should u find someone in need!

    1. Mamtha Sikhwal

      Hi I am looking for an accountability partner. if you are ok as I am in India . Can’t reach you on fb as 3 people with same name

  15. sahil

    I need to change somethings in life too………..but is this forum only for girls?……….or everyone can come here?

  16. Eunice

    Hi Everyone,

    I am from Portugal. Anyone who would like to partner up and achieve our goals together? You can email me at y u n e s a @ y a h o o . c o m

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