TLS #148: A Lively Adventure – How I’m Using My Values-Based Intention in My Life & Travels


This week I’d like to share how I’ve used my two newest Values in my life and travels to give me a sense of direction and clarity over the past month.

Though there are still tons of unknowns in my life, like where I’m going to live, when I’ll come back to the states, or where I’m going to go next 9 days from now… I have been surprisingly peaceful, present, and become even more grounded lately than when I was living in my home in Ann Arbor.

I believe that my focus on these two Values in my Values-based intention are the reason for this, and they are Values that we all can apply to our lives no matter what our living arrangements may be.

This episode is perfect for anyone wanting to learn about a new Values-based intention that can help bring clarity, peace, and groundedness to even the most uncertain of adventures.









  • I talk about my two newest Values: Adventure and Flow.
  • Flow is feminine energy and is the balance of Adventure. It is all the synchronicities in life.
  • Adventure is made up of action and outward activity and is the masculine value.
  • How I applied my Adventure and Flow Values in my day to day activities.
  • What Flow is to me and how to find it.
  • How seeking the path of least resistance can allow your intuition to manage Flow.
  • That writing to your intuition can be a great way to tap into your intuition.
  • How Flow connected me to meet Anna and how she became my companion to the south of France.
  • Find out how Flow is helping me determine where I’m staying each night (since I’m not planning in advance).
  • See why I shifted the format of The Lively Show (temporarily) to go with the Flow.
  • See how finding the Flow can lead to the next Adventure in your life!




How To Hear From Your Intuition






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  1. elaine sauer

    What a great adventure, and unique opportunity to “flow”. this trip is a dream and I can’t believe you are doing it. I have been following you for a few years, when you were in Chitown and before marriage and its a been a great journey living thru your life 😉 How about the Edwin meeting?

  2. Jamie Heart

    Hope you’ll share more travel stuff with us soon! Can’t wait to see vlogs and/or guides to the places you’re visiting. 🙂

  3. Leah LW

    After arriving at the airport to travel for Thanksgiving last year, I realized I had accidentally left my (and my toddler’s) entire stash of clothes and hygiene products in a tote at home on the dining room table. I decided not to stress and just enjoy not lugging around another heavy bag. My spouse was, like Anna, pretty incredulous at my “flow” but it ended up being a great excuse to do one of my favorite things as a thrifter – a turbo-charged trip to a Goodwill at our destination to come up with a mini wardrobe! I ended up getting one of my favorite dresses on that trip so I totally hear you on the benefits of following the flow. 🙂
    Leah from

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