today i’m on grace bonney’s “after the jump” podcast


Normally, today would be a Lively Show day. But with everything going on with the move – and the internet/unpacking limbo that comes along with it – I’ve decided to be kind to myself by not pushing to get this week’s episode up at the expense of my sanity.

However, I do have a new podcast episode for you!

This week I’m on ‘the other side of the mic’ getting interviewed by Grace Bonney, founder of Design*Sponge and the radio/podcast, After The Jump.

Click to listen to the After The Jump episode.

It was a huge honor to talk with Grace about Values-based intentions and some of the things that I cover in Life With Intention Online.

As you will be able to tell from the episode, I am very passionate about what I teach, but the concepts may be a bit ‘big’ to understand completely in a 30 minute episode (hence why the new class will be 5 weeks long to cover what I shared [and much more] in an easy to digest, fun format).

Click to listen to the After The Jump episode.

I hope you check out the episode, or hop over to the Lively Show vault and pick out an episode you may have missed… or want to re-listen to again this week.

Next week, I’ll be back with a fresh new Lively Show. : )




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  1. Really great interview! I always enjoy hearing your story and journey (every time!). Grace was really great about guiding the interview questions from higher level concepts to more tangible actions. Can you two co-host a show together??? 🙂

    Best of luck with the internet and getting up and running in the week to come!

    1. That’s great to hear, Erin!

      I’d love to co-host a show with Grace, that would be amazing!

  2. That’s wonderful to hear!

    Hopefully you can find your Values to help guide you vs. the fleeting motivation of a goal. : )

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