TLS #302: The Client Sessions: Self-worth & Letting Go of What Our Lives “Should” Look Like with Alexandra Colasacco

Today we’re talking with a client named Alexandra, who is looking for career guidance, and the session ultimately flows into a tutorial for tapping into your own inner sense of calm. If the mind in you is struggling with self-worth, this episode will feel like a balm to your soul.

We discuss letting go of what we think our life “should” look like and the mind’s need for external validation. We also explore what to do when the mind in you gets impatient and wants to effort its way to its desires. We go into more detail than ever before on how to tap into your own Inner Voice, and I even learn some new things from Alexandra’s Inner Being!

Alexandra and I spent a lot of this session focusing beyond the mind, and the drastic change in energy and tone of voice when Alexandra shifts from the mind in her to her Inner Voice is incredible.

Let’s go to the show. : )









  • Alexandra speaks with Jess to get some guidance about her career path.

  • Jess flows the conversation into a tutorial of how to tap into your “inner sense” of calm.

  • Alexandra discusses letting go of what we think our life “should” look like

  • She shares advise about writing and listening to you inner voice and allowing it to guide you.




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