TLS #113: A huge dose of life, business & relationship inspiration for 2016 with Alex Ikonn

TheLivelyShowWithAlexIkonnWelcome back to The Lively Show – 2016 edition!

I’m so excited to be back in the host seat with an exceptionally wonderful + inspiring episode with Alex Ikonn.

If you’ve been following The Lively Show for some time, you’ll know that Alex is the co-author of The 5 Minute Journal (his partner, UJ Ramdas was on the show in 2014), and his wife, Mimi Ikonn (a famous YouTube vlogger), came on the show in 2015.

Like Mimi, Alex came from (very) humble beginnings, and is now living in London, travels frequently, and runs several successful businesses. In today’s episode, Alex is sharing the actions, rituals, and mindset shifts that have helped make his dreams a reality at just 28 years old.
This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how Alex has cultivated a beautiful, Value-driven marriage, career, and outlook on life.







  • Alex tells us how he got to where he is today after immigrating from Russia to Canada to pursue a better life.

  • He’s tells us how his parent’s divorce was a positive influence on him and how gratefully he was to be raised by a single mother.

  • Alex tells us how he came from being a troubled child involved in drinking, drugs and crime and took responsibility for his own life.  

  • He describes the story of how his mother brought home Tony Robbins tapes and how that inspired Alex as a teenager.

  • Alex talks about his “gratitude walk” and how that changed his mind and attitude for success in his life.

  • He tells us once he reframed his mindset, he saw all the successful people around him only as inspiration.

  • Alex shares the two biggest things that make the biggest difference for him and his wife’s life and strengthens their relationship.

  • He talks about the reason he vlogs and how that affects their daily relationship. 

  • Alex tells us what his biggest resistance he has in his life and his career.

  • He gives us advice for those seeking to fulfill themselves in life by believing the possibilities.



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  1. Kris

    This interview was my favorite so far, Jess. I tend to be skeptical but there was something that Alex said about the power of your beliefs and your mind that really made me think. I am already planning on listening again! Alex was so inspiring! I can’t wait for your next talk with him about his business. Keep up the amazing work!

  2. Josh Haroldson

    Loved this interview. I couldn’t agree more with Alex’s comments about the value that a great partner can bring to your life. I know that my wife and I have seen that same thing in our lives as we’ve started our podcast together, Our First Drink…which funny enough actually shares the stories of couples doing interesting things together! So thank you for sharing this and for helping to validate our idea a little bit!

    1. Jess Lively

      That’s amazing to hear, Josh! Thank you for your vote of encouragement and for seconding Alex’s comments about partners. : )

      Cheers to your podcast!

  3. karigh6

    Jess I love your show and have found myself re-listening to many of your episodes. I liked listening to this episode but I caution you not to take too much of Alex’s relationship advice too dearly. It has some good elements but good relationships come in all forms. His and Mimi’s is just one successful version. You will no doubt find a relationship that is special and fulfilling to you that may look nothing like Alex’s and Mimi’s: just that it’s good and nourishing too. I am a 51 year old happily married for 24 years, work with my husband and have 4 children (almost all grown) we don’t always get along, I hate him once a month (lol), and I am much more into personal growth than he is yet it is happy and successful. You are a inspiring, wonderful soul. Take your time, enjoy your journey. Good company (maybe in the male partner form) surely will follow.

    1. Jess Lively

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience and wisdom about relationships!! It’s wonderful to hear you found the great partner and have created a Value-driven life for your family. : )


  4. SophsChoices

    Loved this episode. What an inspiration to listen to someone who has come from less and changed his life to get exactly what he wants. This is perfect motivation.

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