TLS #120: A $250,000 Productivity Habit To get Important Stuff Done With Alex Ikonn

TheLivelyShowWithAlexIkonn2Today we’re having our follow up episode with Alex Ikonn, an awesome vlogger and the co-founder of the popular Five Minute Journal and Luxy Hair.

Earlier this month, Alex came on TLS and discussed his fascinating journey to go from the brink of juvenile detention to now living the life of his dreams just 11 years later.

Today, we’re going into the daily habits and mindsets that he has found most effective and included in his newest product, the Productivity Planner, which we can use with and without the actual planner itself in our daily lives to make sure we execute on our most important work.

This episode is perfect for anyone interested in learning simple + powerful strategies to help them focus and be more effective at the things that mean the most to them in life and work.






  • Alex tells us how the productivity planner was developed from his and Mimi’s own personal and business struggles.

  • He briefly explains how he was influenced by the myth of the four hour work week and how that affected their lives.

  • Alex talks about his struggles of procrastination and how it led to a goal to make productivity simpler.

  • He recounts the achievement of their dreams and the comfortable lifestyle brought on depression to both of them.

  • Alex describes that through discipline and focus people can create more freedom in both their personal and work lives.

  • He reviews with us the structure of the productivity planner and how we can implement the concepts right away.

  • Alex reveals the importance of focus and how crucial focused time is for many people.

  • He tells us that those moments of self-awareness are there to bring you back on the course to be a better person.




The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss

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  1. Ellie-The Head Chick

    I so loved this podcast. I’m one of those moms running a business and learning how important it is to work focused. I became a mom nearly 10 years ago and started my business shortly after. It was very difficult but I quickly learned how you had to work very focused and very quickly around my children’s schedule (I was the primary caretaker, with my husband). Now my kids are in school full time so I’ve had to relearn how to focus and stay disciplined while they are gone at school. Thank you for this podcast!

  2. Nicole

    As I know, is also doing very well on e-commerce. I bought from, it’s good. Hope could do as well as Alex’s busienss.

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