ali fedotowski (the bachelorette) wears Jess LC!

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This just in! My PR ladies sent me an email last night saying that they found photos of Ali Fedotowsky, of this season’s The Bachelorette walking with her fiancé, Roberto while wearing a Jess LC Franklin Be Present Necklace!

I was shocked, thrilled, and so happy to know that she loves the necklace as much as I do! I wear the same one, the Be Present with a pearl, everyday myself.

In other news…

I’d also like to give a little update about MML. I can safely say that this move and transition in my life is starting to hit me and I’m feeling a roller coaster of emotions. And in typical Jess fashion, I’m going to give myself some time to go through whatever I’m feeling and then come out later when I’m ready and share what I’ve learned here on MML. In the meantime, I’ve decided to invite a few guest writers to come in and share their inspiring ideas for the next week or two. This way I can take care of myself properly and then come back to MML better than ever (kind of like the old “put the oxygen mask on your face before helping others”).

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  1. Erin

    You are an amazing, gutsy woman and this rough spot will pass. I’m thinking of you. Hang in there, be easy with yourself.

  2. Amazing news! See, a little jolt of happiness during your tough transition. Serendipity!

    Congrats. I plan to ask for the same one for my birthday!

  3. Jill

    VERY VERY exciting (about Ali!)… such great news! I will enjoy your guest posts and look forward to your return!

  4. Julie

    So excited for you… Congrats! Taking good care of yourself is always number one is my book and guest bloggers are always fun! Hang in there!

  5. Rebecca

    Oh Jess!!! I’m absolutely, positively thrilled for you!! You SO deserve news like that!!

    Ps… she looks beautiful wearing it. =)

  6. Jillian

    Congratulations about the necklace! That must feel great! Good luck with your transition.

  7. Jadyn

    Woot woot! That is great!

    And love to you during this emotionally taxing time. Take good care of yourself Jess. xo

  8. Piper

    Woo hoo – this is so exciting!!!! Congrats – so nice to see others enjoying your jewelry as much as we do 🙂

    And I’m sending you hugs during this time. good to hear you’re putting yourself first. I’m here if you need me :)!

  9. Ann

    This is so great! And what a perfect time for some wonderful news! I’m so sorry you’re having a tough time, but admire your wisdom in listening to and honoring your needs! Usually, the only way out of a difficult situation is to go ahead and walk through it. Your courage is inspiring. And it would appear that exciting things are in store for Jess LC when you get to the other side! Bravo!

  10. Amazing! I’m so excited she’s wearing your necklace . . . take care of yourself.

  11. Clara

    Hang in there, Jess. Give yourself the time and space you need. And congratulations on the publicity!

  12. Anna

    I loved Ali as the Bachelorette! I think it is great that she is wearing your necklace! Take care of yourself, Jess.

  13. Jenny

    Awesome!!! Congratulations! And give yourself all the time you need, lots of change and lots of emotions to process. Look forward to your return! xoxo

  14. How cool is that? Were the PR people flipping through the Enquire and see your necklace on her and lights started flashing and bells ringing? I’m very excited for you and your new PR people. Very cool!

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