TLS #163: Alignment Before Action

2016-08-25 Tall (1)

In today’s Lively Show, I’m sharing the career shift I’ve been making over the past 4-6 months that has resulted in some amazing and effective results.

I’m talking about making a shift from the “effort and action” mentality that is commonly spoken about in personal development and entrepreneurship spaces and replacing it with “alignment before action.”

This episode is perfect for anyone who is interested in trying a new approach to work and life that may result in more fun, flow, and effectiveness — with less stress and burnout.








  • Why I ask the question, “What if we didn’t have to try so hard in our life to get the same results?”

  • What if we focus on our flow and alignment with our intuition first before taking action?

  • Why I spent 80% of my mornings making sure I was aligned so the remaining 20% of my actions were used writing my book.

  • How meditation in the morning has helped keep my alignment and flow in check.

  • How writing to my intuition is one of the biggest ways to uncover my alignment in these tougher moments.

  • How gratitude walks help us find our alignment and make all the actions and effort we take so much more effective.

  • When we feel frustrated or out of alignment, we should stop working and get ourselves back into a place of good, positive feeling before taking more action.



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Writing to intuition

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  1. Marie

    Jess, I really liked this episode. My favorite part was that you admitted and shared your own struggle in trying to find alignment before recording this episode. That was the most valuable part for me – not because I enjoy seeing people struggle, but because it makes it so much more relate-able and real. It gives me a more realistic mindset going into this! Thank you <3

  2. Anita Guldbrandt

    Just had an aha-moment:) when you spend time getting into alignment before action it is the same as sharpening the saw!

  3. tomi rues

    Loved this podcast! Your message was spot on. I’ll be sharing it?

  4. Kristina

    Jess, I am so so glad you continue the A Lively Adventure shows even though you are back stateside now. Not that I didn’t like the interviews but I have always enjoyed most hearing the Tuesday episodes when you shared about what’s going on with you right now. So these episodes now are right up my alley 🙂
    I love the idea of going with the flow even though it is completely counterintuitive for me as I am a very Type A-plan everything-personality. I will try the gratitude walks as that has resonated most with me on this episode. Thank you, as always, for this wonderful show!

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