The Alignment Bundle

The Alignment Bundle was designed with your mind in mind. These courses each focus on a different area of life the mind tends to hold onto—career, relationships, and time. Through INvoice, Aligned Relationships, and Play Time you can go beyond the mind and discover sovereignty and alignment within yourself.

Clocking in with 55+ hours of content, you will have plenty to dive into!

 INvoice is essentially business “un-coaching.” The purpose of the program is to help you find flow in entrepreneurship and run a company using your own intuitive guidance.

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 This course is geared at helping you distinguish, release, and realign the difficulties and triumphs in various relationships in your life. If you want outer peace with other people that reflects your innate inner wisdom, this course is for you! 

 Play Time is an experiment in living beyond the mind’s fears, limitations, and assumptions about time. If you’re excited to see what life can be like when time serves you in a fun, freeform, playful way… this laboratory is for you!