TLS #243: Introducing ‘A Lively Adventure’: A New Audio Series with Megan Bowers

Today is a BIG day!(!!) For the past several months, Team Lively has been working on a secret project which is being released for you right now – A Lively Adventure: Leaving it all behind to discover so much more!

A Lively Adventure is a 7.5 hour audio series (and written transcript) where I share candidly with friend and videographer, Megan Bowers, about many of the hilarious, eye-opening, challenging, and awe-inspiring moments of my 18 month journey traveling the world after unexpectedly selling my home and possessions. From Tinder to Quantum Mechanics, we are goingthere.”

In the series, we dive into the “behind the scenes” stuff… from the Spaniard who broke my heart in Portugal, to my experience with ayahuasca. As Megan says, “it’s gonna get weird… and awesome!”

This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to hear a piece from A Lively Adventure and learn more about the series and it’s creation. 🙂

PS – Want to purchase and listen to A Lively Adventure? Head over here.






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