the lively show: investing in yourself with amber housley


Today’s Lively Show episode is near and dear to my heart: investing in yourself.

For many years I thought learning was best done through experience alone, rather than books, classes, and conferences.

But my views are now completely reversed. I am now a huge advocate for learning from relevant sources as much as possible.

Amber Housley embodies this spirit of learning and investing in yourself more than anyone else I know online. So I asked her to be on today’s episode to share her learning tips and tactics with us.

She is constantly expanding her skills and as a result has done a remarkable job building a profitable lifestyle business while juggling a full-time job and raising two young children.

In today’s episode, Amber shares how she invests in herself wisely, particularly now that she has the two littles to care for, and how she gets the most of her educational experiences.

This episode is perfect for anyone who is feeling a bit “stuck” in their lives, or for avid learners looking to be as effective as possible. 







  • How Amber  broke into the wedding invitation, wedding planning, and event planning business while juggling a full-time job.
  • The mindset shift that Amber made that turned her full-time job into a huge asset for her business.
  • Amber’s advice to help you get the most out of live conferences.
  • How Amber stays intentional with her social media consumption.
  • Various ways to invest in yourself locally and online at a variety of pricepoints.
  • Amber’s suggestions to help you get started when investing in yourself.
  • The resistance Amber faces in her life about her business and full-time job.
  • What Amber would tell someone just starting out on this journey.






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  1. Julia

    really great to hear her story- i was in her shoes once!

  2. Lindsay True

    Can’t wait to listen to this podcast! Thanks Jess!

  3. Amber Housley

    Thanks so much for the feature Jess! Loved being a part of your podcast series! Glad our conversation serves others as well. 🙂

    1. Thank you for being on the show, Amber! People are really enjoying your thoughts on learning. : )

  4. Lauren

    I really enjoyed this podcast. So great to listen to on the commute home. Keep up the good work!

  5. Candiance

    This was a great podcast. I really liked Amber’s insight into how corporate america has helped her in her own business. This was a great point that needed to be said and heard. Each experience in life good or bad helps shapes us and in some form equates to our overall success. Thanks ladies!!

  6. Lindsay Davis

    What a wonderful interview! It’s awesome to know that you can have a full time job and run a side business. I’ve definitely been using that as an excuse not to move forward but the irony is I cant have the security I crave unless I build up my side business. Rock on Amber and thanks Jess!

    1. That is wonderful! I think Amber’s approach is crazy liberating for those who want to do both. I’m glad it’s helped you see your own situation in a new light. : )

  7. Thanks, Janelle! I agree with everything you said about Amber.

    I also think you might enjoy the other episodes, too. : ) You might want to check out Erin Loechners (ep. 1) and Dana Shultz (ep. 10) among the others.

  8. Fantastic! I love that idea. I’ve heard it said that someone was going to invest 10% of their earnings to giving and 10% to learning. It turned out that he became so successful that the 10% for learning ended up being $100k. Crazy!

    Enjoy the courses!

  9. That is fantastic! I’m so glad you resonated with this episode especially, Mi. : )

    It does sound like you and Amber have a lot in common!

  10. Modupe

    Loved this podcast. Been an admirer of Amber for a while and this is just perfect timing as I realised yesterday that I can make my business work whilst holding down a job and raising my kids (with my husband).

  11. kelseyhazlewood

    This was my favorite so far, and that’s tough to say!! I love all of these episodes. They’re so inspiring.

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