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Some of you have met me before, and some of you haven’t.

And those that have gotten to know me in real life after reading MML might have had an expectation of what I would be like. And I’m guessing that “real life me” is not quite as constantly intentional as it may seem on MML. After all, here I’m all about sharing the highs and lows of life with an intentional spin and lesson. But while I’m going through those highs and lows, I may not get the intentional memo just yet.

Or, maybe when you met me I didn’t have anything super profound and inspiring to say.

Either way, I would like to share an “MML moment” I had with Mr. Lively a few weeks ago.

Though most people don’t know, Mr. Lively and I are extremely goofy around one another I am extremely goofy around Mr. Lively. While everyone in public laughs at Mr. Lively’s wit, in private, I’m the one with the quips, ridiculous expressions, and weirdness.

Anyways, one of my favorite things to do (read: torture) to Mr. Lively is tickle him. While I have very few ticklish spots, the only part of Mr. Lively’s body that isn’t ticklish is his feet. Go figure, right?

So though I honestly try to restrain myself from tickling him daily, a few weeks ago I was really tickling torturing him hard core. I was relentless.

And in getting fed up with my constant tickle attacks, he decided to wrestle me and pin my arms back so that I could not reach him or tickle him any longer. It was a fierce tickle battle. And I was losing precious ground.

But just before finally admitting defeat, I had a sudden burst of energy and made one last escape attempt and yelped:


For a moment we both stopped in our tracks.

In the middle of what was a silly tickle fight I blurted out something so hardcore MML without even realizing it.

Ever since then, I use that phrase whenever I am losing in a tickle battle out of homage to my unconscious slip.

Has anyone else out there had an MML moment lately?

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  1. Cathy

    That’s too funny! Usually I’m the recipient of tickle (torture) attacks. And we like to refer to Dane Cook’s bit about tickling.

    As for a recent MML moment, it’s more of an internal realization that I don’t have to cure cancer or be extremely popular to do great things. Like your recent posts about purpose. I’m really liking my current 9 to 5 job in accounting. And it gives me flexibility to do other meaningful things outside of my job.

  2. Jess

    That is SO awesome to hear, Cathy! I feel like you are totally getting in your “groove.” : ) Bravo!!

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