an ode to natalie

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natalieThis is an ode to Natalie,
who has now gone away
she was a Jess LC intern,
until 2:00 yesterday.

We met sometime this winter
the interview really went well,
and before I could believe it
she and I got along swell.

Natalie was good a lot,
jewelry making and photography too.
She was the brains of the Studio line
which is loved by so many of you.

Working with her was fun
she always had stories to share
about Kansas, classes, and Burnham
as well as her once multi-colored hair.

Now it’s time for her to go forward
down her path to the next mile.
And all I can say is I’ll miss her,
with a thanks and a big smile.

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  1. blair sweet! She was definitley wonderful to work with on the so chic giveaway:)

  2. Jess

    @ PVE: I don’t know about being the best boss, but I am sure sad she’s gone. 48 hours later I’m swamped filling in her shoes!

    @ Bliar: She DID do a great job with that giveaway, didn’t she?!

  3. Natalie

    Ok, I’ve been lax in my blog reading of late….thanks so much for the ode, Jess! I’m touched, but did you really have to put that picture up there? Surely there was a better one…oh wait…nope there probably wasn’t! 🙂 I miss working with you, too and I’m guessing I’m going to have to make a surprise visit soon. I got the grad card, thanks so much, that was sweet of you 🙂

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