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After having a great lunch and a long talk with Stacy, an MML reader, I’ve decided to make a few changes here on MML for the rest of August. The transitions in my relationship, apartment, and business happening in two weeks have taken a much larger toll on my energy level than I anticipated. This week I find myself mentally and physically (plus sometimes emotionally) exhausted from all the change and preparation. Juggling the move, break up, business, and blog is a lot to handle day in and day out.

And rather than trying to push through and run myself into the ground, I think I am best off concentrating on concentration. During the next two weeks I want to do less things, but with better quality. I want to be more present in each aspect of this phase and give myself time to rest and refuel during the process. It’s kind of like marathon training, I can do a bunch of miles for the sake of running, but that often that leads to injuries, fatigue, and burn out. Instead, it is often best to run less often and have higher quality workouts. The rest in between the runs makes for a stronger performance overall. And though I love writing here on MML five times a week, I am going to post on only Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays until Labor Day.

By posting just three times a week, I can really concentrate on producing fewer, more thought provoking posts. By doing less, I hope I’m actually more helpful. And I know it will do wonders for my own mental outlook. I’ve also decided in the spirit of concentration to end the Makeunder My Week series on Mondays and just add more day-to-day updates in the intros of my weekly posts.

In addition, I’m excited to take this chance to stop and prepare for all of the awesome-ness that I have in store for MML this fall. With the start of our new intern/assistant for Jess LC in September, I am going to have much more time to ramp up the volume on my “feistiness” which was so well received a few weeks ago. I know MML is my purpose, and I’m excited to have more time than ever to really make a difference and produce powerful posts.

So thanks for understanding about the temporary change of pace on MML and thank you for all of your support while I go through this change. Your comments have meant so much to me and remind me why I love my purpose and am on the right path.

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  1. vadjutka

    Change takes time – so it is a very wise decisin to slow down.
    Take care!

  2. Lori

    This is a wise decision. There’s no point in burning yourself out. Take your time to adjust to all the new changes and enjoy them! Three times a week is plenty and definitely more consistently than I can promise. Lol! But you always need to take care of yourself first, then business and then blog (is the way I feel about things). We’ll still be here to support you. ūüôā

  3. Stacy

    Wonderful, wonderful! Enjoy this time. Taking care of yourself for any reason is never wrong. Looking forward to reading as you emerge from this metamorphosis!

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