and the winner is…

Good afternoon. Sorry for the late posting- I had my first appointment at Macy’s early this morning. The verdict is in: Madison and Wellington are hits! And as many of you know, I asked you all to weigh in about the color choices via Twitter a few weeks ago. The debate between plum and navy was heated. And it turns out that I have decided to add both plum and navy for Madison.

July’s Giveaway Giveaway Winner Is…


Number 3- Christine L! Congratulations, lady. You are now in for a sweet custom wardrobe consultation with Jill of The Good Life for Less.

I’ll be debuting August’s Giveaway Giveaway prize later this week.

(Hint it involves a piece from the new Wellington collection…)

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  1. congrats to jill for winning…. you could always giveaway one of jess lc special items!

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