TLS #210: Ubud, Bali: Anger & Loneliness In A Place of Zen

When I first got to Bali, I expected to feel like I was floating on Cloud 9 in the land of smoothie bowls, spiritual celebrations, ecstatic dance, and yoga classes.

However, if the first few days of my trip here were to be summed up in a title for a book chapter, my new friend, Rissa, suggested it would read: “Anger & Loneliness in a Place of Zen.”

In today’s episode, I’m sharing what my experience of these two emotions has been like, and how I finally processed an emotion I often try to ‘spiritually bypass’ altogether… anger.

This episode is perfect for anyone who is looking to process difficult emotions, or is experiencing loneliness.







  • What triggered once I got to Bali and what I learned about anger and loneliness.

  • The reasons my loneliness has been coming up and how I’m learning to awareness and compassion for it and facing it instead of avoiding it.

  • What correlation I’ve been seeing between my approach to loneliness and how people face fear of the unknown and uncertainty.

  • Why anger is essentially a stepping stone from a place of very low energy to a place of higher, positive energy.




Eat Pray Love

The Untethered Soul

Abraham Hicks





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  1. Such an eye opening experience you went through. thanks for sharing it with us. These feelings have been coming up for me a lot in the past year as well.

  2. Kim

    I really enjoyed this, Jess. I definitely relate to avoiding anger (and confrontation in general), also stemming from some childhood baggage of playing “family peacekeeper.” Although I do believe there is good to be found from our “zen,” diplomatic natures 😉 I also know this repressed anger impacts my life and relationships, and I’m working on figuring it out and addressing it. In listening to your recent podcasts (which I love!), I’ve often thought it would be interesting to really acknowledge and confront the darker sides of the human mind – anger, jealousy, inadequacy, lack of fulfillment, etc. Thank you for sharing so vulnerably, I’m so happy you’re going there 🙂

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