TLS #103: makeup saves + splurges, plus an inside look at full-time vlogging with Anna Gardner (Vivianna Does Makeup)


Today’s Lively Show is a fun, lighthearted “girl chat” with the lovely and down-to-Earth beauty vlogger, Anna Gardner, of the very popular YouTube Channel and blog, Vivianna Does Makeup.

Though dozens of well-known bloggers have come on TLS and discussed blogging tips, we’ve never directly spoken about the topic of video blogging and YouTube.

So today, Anna is filling us in on how full-time vloggers make an income, tips and tricks for making great videos, which equipment we should invest in, and more.

Plus, she also shares her favorite spend + splurge makeup items.

This episode is perfect for anyone looking to hear a fun chat about all things beauty and vlogging.








  • How Anna’s make-up obsession evolved to blogging and creating content to share.

  • Why she left a full-time job working in PR and editorial writing to pursue her deeper passion.

  • How Anna monetizes her blog and vlogging with affiliate marketing and sponsorships with major brands.

  • What Anna believe is important to sustain an online business.

  • How Anna’s approach to make-up has changed.

  • What make-up and beautify products you should invest in the most.

  • How Anna balances sharing personal and private parts of her life.

  • How she maintains her personal time during “off hours” when not working.

  • Anna’s biggest tips about getting started in YouTube vlogging.

  • She shares her fears of procrastination and how she regains focus and control in her life.




Vivianna Does Makeup

Anna’s Youtube channel

Kate Summerville Beauty Products

Canon EOS 600D







PS – Michigan Meetup Update!

We are going to do a casual Ann Arbor meetup on November, 11th at 7pm. The location is TBD, depending on how many people RSVP (there’s no cost to come, and it will likely be at a coffee shop or restaurant for casual drinks and chatting).

If you’d like to join us, send us an email with the subject “Michigan Meetup.” My Right Hand Lady, Elle, will send over the location details when we have a spot lined up. : )


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  1. Emily

    I am such a huge fan of Anna! She’s the bees knees! The fact that you ladies came together is such a treat! Hooray!

  2. Adaleta Avdic

    This is such a lovely podcast. Anna is such a lovely ray of sunshine & I subscribed to your podcast because my friend forwarded me the link to listen. Lovely podcast & I am now a fan! xx,

    1. That’s wonderful to hear, Adaleta!!! I hope you enjoy the rest of the show archives as well. : )

  3. T. Cohen

    Hey Jess. Great podcast! Just curious about the relaxation app you and Anna were discussing.
    Thanks for such a great podcast.

  4. Martha G

    I really enjoyed this podcast. I love them all but this was just fun! I have always been curious of how people make a living from You Tube. This took out a lot of the mystery, plus I love makeup and lifestyle stuff and had not heard of Anna. I’m now a fan and have subscribed to her channel.

  5. Emily Wouters

    I just wanted to thank you for consistantly providing your listeners with quality podcasts. I love the varied guests you have on the show, however I particularly enjoyed the interview with Anna as I am a big fan of her blog. I am not sure how you select the guests that you have on your show, but two people who I think would be fantastic guests are Estee Lalonde (formerly known as Essie Button in the digital space) and Louise Pentland of Sprinkle of Glitter. I am slowly making my way through all of your podcasts and I have yet to listen to one that I did not enjoy. I find that I am able to take something positive from each podcast and this is something that I believe to be a great asset to you and a testament to your success.

    1. Thank you so much, Emily, for the wonderful message and for suggesting Estee + Louise! : )


  6. Selena

    I’ve loooved this postcast! I love Anna and it was really interesting knowing more things about her!
    Amazing podcast, lovely! I hope you have a great day xx


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