TLS #116: The Power Of Being “Enough” & Life With Intention with Anna Maria Locke


Today on The Lively Show, we are speaking with Chicago-based health and fitness coach, Anna Maria Locke.

We’re discussing her mission to help women access their “enoughness” and her experience growing up trying to be traditionally “successful.”

As an alumni of Life With Intention Online, Anna is also sharing what her experience was like and who she recommends it for.

This show is perfect for anyone looking to learn more about how to develop a mission-minded career, or for anyone looking to learn about LWIO from a member’s perspective.







  • Anna tells us how she grew up as a creative, imaginative and smart kid who was led to a career path that she really didn’t want to pursue.

  • She tells us how her fascination with geography changed her career direction from being a medical doctor to something more enjoyable.

  • Anna talks about how becoming a fitness coach did not really fulfill her life mission enough.

  • She describes to us how she watched her own life’s journey and development grow and evolve through the years.

  • Anna tells us how she’s now into learning more about our energies: both our masculine energies vs feminine energies.

  • Anna tells us her experience using the Life with Intention course and how it helped redefine success for her.

  • She tells us how Life with Intention allowed her to gain more confidence in herself and her current career path.

  • Anna speaks of how success is not derived from chasing external goals and validation, but from within her own values, truths and her heart.

  • She feels empowered because she knows what she needs to do to overcome resistance to regain her peace, joy and fulfillment in that moment.

  • She tells us how the Life with Intention course has changed her life for so many positive reasons and that she has peace in her life.




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  1. Mary Theresa

    Two amazing women! So grateful to hear both of your wisdom and to be reminded that my worth is not tied to any scale or method of measurement. Thank you for being and for sharing.

    1. Jess Lively

      Thank YOU, Mary, for such a sweet message! It’s wonderful to hear this part of the story resonated with you in particular. : )

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