anniversary tradition: the future letter

AnniversaryTraditionFutureLetterAs you know, I’m a huge believer in future letters to yourself each January as a way to create a compelling vision for the year to come.

I love the practice so much, that I wanted to include it in my marriage, as well. So this weekend, Mr. Lively and I decided to create our own anniversary future letter tradition. 

For the anniversary letter, we have changed things up a bit compared to the regular yearly future letters. Rather than write a letter every year, we have decided to give this tradition a longer timeframe. Every three years we plan to send and receive an anniversary letter by mail.

In order to make things more special for this anniversary tradition, I used Seeds of Thought, a wonderful service provided by one of the kindest entrepreneurs I have ever met. Seeds of Thought will carefully store and send this letter to us on August 12, 2016. I cannot wait to see that little red seal arrive in the mail! It almost feels like a time capsule, of sorts.

Over the weekend, we wrote our anniversary letter together and it totaled 3 or 4 typed pages! Since we knew there was going to be a pretty long time in between now and when we receive the letter in the future, we decided to include several topics. And though we will keep our letter content private (well, except for this part), here are the sections that we decided to include:


– A summary of our first year of marriage: The things we did, the challenges we faced, and the awesome blessings we received.

– A summary of where we are in our lives right now.

– A list of  “current stats:” Our favorite foods, drinks, tv shows, habits, and interests. (We’re excited to see how many of these stats stay the same or change over the years!)

– A list of things we are hoping for in our future. 

– A list of predictions we have about what will happen in our lives by August, 2016.


It was a lot of fun to write the letter together and the whole process was an excellent way to reflect upon our marriage and life together.

But what is most exciting, for me, is thinking about how these anniversary letters we write will come together to weave the story of our marriage and life together. One day, I hope to be able to give these letters to our adult children, to show them our family story from such an intimate perspective.

I highly recommend considering a tradition like this for those who enjoy the yearly intention letters and want to bring that same reflection to their marriages as well.


This post is in partnership with Seeds of Thought, the most kind-hearted, genuine company I have ever worked with. 

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  1. This is such an incredible idea. As a kid, I had a teacher who made us write letters to ourselves & 5 years later she sent them to us. Of course, it was no great literary work & it may or may not have mostly been about wanting candy and more time outside, but it’s awesome to have such a personal reminder of how great life is.

    I wish you and your husband the best of luck. I love seeing how you guys are actively taking steps to strengthen your marriage while strengthening each other in the process.

    – Tipsy

    1. That is so cute, Tipsy! I did the same thing as a senior in high school. It was fun to see my letter about my (then) boyfriend and all the things that mattered soooo much to me back then. : )

      I’m also happy to hear you like learning about our marriage steps as we figure them out along the way.

  2. Tess

    What a great idea and who doesn’t like to get something by mail especially with a wax seal!

  3. Aw, that is such a lovely tradition, Sadie! Thank you for sharing. I can only imagine the library and story you will be able to tell in a few years from that bookshelf alone!

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