another bad mood

Okay guys, gotta level with you. I had a great morning and then found myself in another bad mood. Lame, right? Needless to say, I wasn’t too proud of myself for finding myself in a second bad mood just hours after posting the helpful tips on how I got out of the bad mood yesterday. And as you can imagine, being Miss MML, I have a hard time allowing myself to wallow too long before I start challenging myself to follow my own advice. Yep. You guessed it. I went back and actually re-read what I wrote this morning and retraced my steps.

This time the Circles of Influence and Concern weren’t quite as helpful since the factors were all the same as they were yesterday. But the good thing about this is that I managed to pull myself out of this mood in just a few hours by taking a few new steps.

I refused to put on the sweatpants.

Yep, no woe-is-me attire for this mood. I didn’t want the bad mood to get comfortable being in my life for too long.

I went for a run to clear my head.

No matter how bad my mood might be, there is no excuse to not enjoy a 74* day in Chicago in October. The little kids playing in the dog park also made it hard to hold onto my pity party. Dogs and toddlers, two of my weaknesses.

I listened to awesome running music too. I couldn’t possibly stay mad as Andre 3000 is telling me to shake it like a Polaroid picture. Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy may also have been on that playlist. Ahem.

I got 30% more generous.

While on the run, I challenged myself to find a way to help people, per my instructions from yesterday. I came up with a brilliant plan. I’m giving you, my wonderful friends, 20% off Jess LC with the code VERYGOODMOOD good until 11:59p Thursday (10/7). In addition, I’m showing my gratitude for my wonderful apartment by donating 10% of these VERYGOODMOOD orders to Habitat for Humanity (note: the discount code works in the credit card checkout only, PayPal does not accept discount codes). So if you are looking to buy any Jess LC jewelry in the near future, save yourself 20% and know that 10% of your order is going to help those in need. Why don’t we all make the world a better place? No better way for my clenched fists to soften than to extend them generously.

So there you have it. A few new ways to drive to sunny skies.

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  1. Thaís

    Jess, if you’re in a bad mood listen to Michael Bublé, Haven’t met you yet and Hollywood, it’s gonna make your day!!! I hope you get better, for me it works! ahahahaha

  2. Sara

    I hate those bad moods. They always seem to creep up and get under skin while refusing to leave. Running does help! I have a hard time staying in a bad mood when Keke Palmer is telling me “I got’s the Chi-town swagger and I rocks it full!”

    What better way to feel better than donating! That’s a fantastic idea!

    And today was GORGEOUS in Chicago!! I relish these days in fall 🙂


  3. Val

    I just found your blog last week. I LOVE IT!!! It has now become my “daily read.” I also “run” my bad moods away. Recently, I’ve also began on line shopping….although, this might be cause for some financial stress later! (But my fall wardrobe rocks!) Now I need to re-examine my jewlery needs…

  4. Gina

    Even though I loathe running and working out, I always feel so much better when I am done! I wish I could maintain that feeling until the next day when I have to talk myself into working out again.

    Bad moods are the worst. I hate being stuck in one and, like you, try to proactively pull myself out as quickly as possible.

  5. CB

    I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw your “another bad mood” post! It is just so ironic considering your previous post!

    I guess it just shows that even someone who is such a positive person can’t always control when a bad mood will attack – but you can control how you respond to it, and that is something at which you are very good!! I love you!!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing your tips on getting out of a FUNK. We all get into them, and it’s awesome to learn new tricks to GET HAPPY again! I try to take or teach a yoga class when I feel down…yoga has this tendency to lift me up no matter what. Very healing and quite amazing!
    Speaking of giving: I just read this amazing book called “29 Gifts: How a Month of Giving Can Change Your Life”. It inspired me to start giving in a more conscious way. YES! Thank you for sharing your generosity. You are such a lovely soul, Jess.

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