TLS #141: April Favorites – Travel Edition: My Carry On, Duffle Bag, Clothing, Tech, & more


Today’s April Favorites is all about travel!

I’ve spent countless hours trying to optimize my packing list for Europe since I’m traveling for an unknown amount of time (1-3 months?) to unknown destinations — with just a carry on and a duffle bag.

Though I’m sure I will learn a lot along the way, I’m sharing the carry on, duffle bag, tech, clothing, and more that I’ve decided to at least start the trip with. ; )

This episode is perfect for anyone looking to hear how I’m approaching the open-ended trip, or for anyone looking to hear about some great clothing, tech, books, and TV shows to check out. 








  • My favorite new carry on, duffle bag, and computer case.
  • My favorite new coat, sweater, and sandals for travel.
  • The newest book that’s changed my life.
  • My favorite TV show in April.




Megan Bowers, Pictory Productions

What’s in My Gluten-Free Grocery Bag Vlog

Everlane Anorak Rain Coat

Everlane Crewneck sweater

The True Cost

Good Life For Less

Sequins and Stripes

Away Travel Carry On

Hitha on The Go

Herschel Duffle Bag

Sole Society Sandals

Marble Macbook Case

Women’s Anatomy of Arousal 

Happy Endings







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  1. Allison DiMaggio

    Jess, I haven’t even listened yet and just wanted to say what a great photo of you!!

  2. Jess, as a long-time traveler and founder of a travel fashion line, it was so fascinating to hear that your reason for traveling light is all about ease of transit AT your destination! Such a great insight. Travel lightly, and have fun in Europe. 🙂

    1. Yes! I am already so, so glad I’ve made the choice to travel light – many stairs have been climbed already and many more are to come. : )

  3. Katie Jay

    Hi Jess, love your show. Was hoping to get an answer to a question on an upcoming podcast (bad timing since the season just ended and you are off to Europe! But I’ll ask anyway.) How did you learn to interview? What tips can you give your listeners on getting interviewees to open up so we can truly understand them better? Thanks!

    1. I googled a bit about interviewing and took a podcasting class on Creative Live with Alex Bloomberg, but other than that it has been all practice. I don’t know how to help guests open up too much more than to earn their trust before and/or during the interview. Also, letting them know what kind of interview you’re looking for beforehand can help, too. : )

  4. Those sandals are so cute! Something I’ve noticed in my travels, is that I do spend a lot of time and thought in packing and preparing, but once you get going and land and travel, your suitcase will evolve with you. Can’t wait for you to come to Europe! I hope I can see you in Italy 🙂

    1. You are so right! My items have already been swapped in and out as rain damage has happened and new finds have been made. I hope I see you if/when I do a meet up in Italy, too!

  5. Adeline

    Very excited about your trip to Europe, can’t wait to hear where you end up going. And who knows, maybe see you at a meetup if you make it to Scotland..! 🙂

      1. Adeline

        Oh really?! I’ve been in Edinburgh 10 years so I’m a tad biased, but Scotland is gorgeous (if rainy) at that time of year (or rainy all year, really..). Hope you’re having a great time in London so far!

  6. Jenn

    The Herschel bags look great! I have been endlessly looking for a nice weekender. Will be anxious to hear how it survives your travels.

    1. So far it’s doing great! The little latches/hooks on the sides have started to squeak a bit, which isn’t ideal, but the rest of the bag is doing great.

  7. Rachel Sayers

    Been listenting to your podcasts/reading your blog now for three years and have always found it inspiring and informative. Would love to meet up if you decide to go to Ireland 🙂 I’m based in Belfast in Northern Ireland,but travel all over Ireland know some great scenery and amazing food. All the best with your trip! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Rachel! If/when I have a meet up in Ireland I look forward to hopefully meeting you!!

  8. Catherine

    Hi Jess, I’m Chicago friends with Jessica at One Part Plant/Podcast and found you through her. Have so much fun on your trip! And, I’m dying to know how your suitcase is doing. Do you find the wheels pivot easily to not have to drag it behind you by along side you? Is it working on cobblestone streets (a good test!)? And, do you find it’s too heavy, given it’s a hard-side, to lift up into airplane overhead? THANK YOU! I’m in the market for a new carry on if you can’t tell :)!

  9. Elizabeth P.

    Super cute blazer here, Jess! Can you share where it’s from? Thx!

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